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How to make a secret bed in your room

Making a bed that can be hidden into your wall is a smart move, especially since it allows your room to have a lot more space when you are not using your bed. This way you can simply fold the bed away when you need more space to work on other projects. This is also great if you want to avoid...

How to make an arcade game cabinet

Having arcade games at home would be every child's dream or anyone who enjoyed playing with them as a kid. Through this article you will understand about the electrical components that are used to set up an arcade game cabinet. Materials Extension cord Wire Switch Receptacle remodel box ...

Easy way to DIY a slip and slide

Want to beat the summer heat? Through this article you will be able to make your very own slip and slide, and a big one at that. This 100ft slip and slide will allow not only you but also your family and friends a fun time. The best part about this DIY is that you can customize the slide to a...

How to upgrade and customize your car horn 

Are you annoyed by the sound of your car horn? Do you get tired of hearing the same horn all the time? Well this DIY has got you covered.Through this DIY you can customise your own car horn sound. Not only do you get to customize your car horn sound but you can add up to 4 different sounds. This...

How to make a standing desk with steel frame

Want to build a desk as a beginner? Then this article has got you covered. Building a desk has never been so easy, with just a few steps you will find yourself successfully building a desk. The article also touches up upon how to make a storage unit as an added bonus.  Materials  Wood Steel tube ...

Make a ring light for your GoPro 

GoPro can be an amazing device to film, however filming in the dark can be an issue. Through this article you will understand how a Gopro ring light is made, the light is not only powerful but also is much more bright than it seems. With the help of this ring light you will be able to film in the...

Easy way to make a bench from wood pallets

If you have wood pallets laying around and have no idea what to do with them then this article is for you. You can make a bench out of them, in just 4 simple steps you will have a bench ready. The sheer simplicity of this project will want you to build more benches. The wood pallet gives the bench...

How to make a knife block with a book holder

Do you have too many knives and find no safe space to keep them? Then this article is for you. Keeping a knife can also be quite dangerous and you might accidentally end up hurting yourself , through this article you will be able to build your own knife block that can help you not only store your...

DIY a Pottery Wheel

In recent years the trends have favoured more ceramic wear, with mainstream media hyping up clay and ceramic cutlery, the aesthetic value of these items have increased. Individuals, especially teens and young adults have idealised the idea of making their own cutlery, decorative items etc. Spending...

DIY a Pocket Notebook

Having a pocket sized book is really useful, the size of the book allows you to carry it around everywhere you go and can fit into your pocket or purse. A book like this could be used to write down your schedule or important notes or even a sketchbook that you can take out every time you feel like...

Make an Easy Modular Work Tables

Are you tired of shoving all your tools and equipment against the wall? With all the unorganised boxes leaving you frustrated. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore, through this article you will be able to construct a work table, with modular storage space. This table will not only...

How to make a zipline in your backyard

Having a zipline at home is a great way to spend some time outside. With it’s adrenaline pumping nature, it promises a thrilling time to anyone that chooses to use it. Through this article you will understand how you can build a zipline in your backyard. Be cautious while doing this, as what worked...

How to set up a raspberry pi arcade (No Programming)

There's a certain nostalgia atmosphere that attaches to the video game arcade. Through this article you can experience that nostalgia at the comfort of your home. The best part of making this, is that it does not involve any programming and therefore is fairly easy to make.  Materials  IPAC...

How to Renovate a Cosy Mudroom

A mudroom is seen as a home's secondary entrance, this is a space where you tend to remove any dirty boots, wet coats before you enter the main part of the house. Ensuring a storage space to prevent the rest of the house from getting dirty. Through this article you will understand on how you can...

Customize your very own Nerf Gun 

Nerf battles are really fun, however, what can make you experience even better is to be able to customize your own nerf gun. Through this article you can customize your own gun with the step by step guide provided.  Materials  Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster Apoxie Sculpt LED strip 2xAA...

Build a King Size Bed

The bed being built is a low, storage bed, with this you will not have to worry about cleaning any dust under the bed, while also having space to store items. This bed is relatively frameless. While this bed is built of 2x4 and ½ plywood, however, they are not visible.

Build a Log Bench with Hidden Storage

The bench is made of a log of wood with steel leg assembling on each side. The bench will also have a hidden storage space inside. The materials needed for the wood are really simple and this can be made during your free time. Materials Log of wood Steel tube Oil finish

How to make a minimal studio desk

Through this article you will be able to make your own studio desk, The desk can be made of planks of wood that is available. The simplicity of the design is what makes it easier to follow through with the steps.   Materials Wood Steel tube Oil finish

How to make a bookshelf with a secret door 

A bookshelf with a secret door is no secret, the relevance of theme is mostly seen in detective movies and TV shows, the nature of these bookshelves were always deemed to be fascinating therefore wanting one is no surprise. These secret bookshelves can be used for different reasons, they could be...

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