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How to Make a Map Cabinet

I made an excellent looking map cabinet for my family's photo studio! My brother and sister-in-law own a photography studio and they print all of their portraits in house. They asked to make a cupboard to hold the prints that are equipped for pick-up. We decided on a traditional-looking map...

How to Make a Secret Room (Through a Wardrobe) 

As a kid we all wanted a secret room to hang out and play, today we’re all grown up and we still need that secret room but for different reasons: to unwind, relax and enjoy some alone time. For today’s DIY project we’re going to fulfil that dream as it sounds like such a fun and cool experience. We...

Custom Car Badges (WITH A SECRET) 

We recently bought a new car and my wife wanted it to look like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD truck, so I made some personalized car badges with a secret UV light message hidden inside! So, come see how you can make cool and fun epoxy badges for yourself! Our new car is a Chevrolet Suburban, it's...

How to make a cake knife from scrap wood

Today we’re going to learn how to make a cake knife out of just scrap wood! Things that might come in handy during the project: TOOLS LIST: - Dewalt 20v drill driver combo - Belt Sander - Orbital Sander - Grizzly 14" Bandsaw - Shop Fox Hanging Air Filter - 2HP Dust Collector - 1 Micron bag -...

Simple Speaker Stands 

I made some really simple speaker stands utilizing various tools! I wanted to cross off a simple design from my growing list of crazy ideas. I had to look no further than the audio monitors on my desk. In this design, I am going to make a pair of hardwood speaker stands. I've made a conscious...

How to Make a Modern Writing Desk

I’ve done a bunch of projects for my boy’s bedroom for example: some bunk beds, a climbing wall, a dresser and one of the last things to do is to make each one of them a writing desk. So, we’re going to make three desks, exactly the same. So, without wasting any time let’s get dive right in: Since...

Making R2-D2 Part 1 

Making R2-D2 Part 1 // Styrene Frame, Aluminum Dome & Skins I have always wanted to make an R2-D2 from Star Wars as I am a big Star Wars nerd. I eventually got up the courage to begin the construction and I'd like to take you along with me! So come one, follow along with me as I go through the...

Making Filament Storage with an Etched Glass Door

We really wanted a superior filament storage arrangement that could direct the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, so we assembled one that can hold 12 rolls! I additionally took a shot at scratching a glass door. Check it out! This filament cabinet was intended to hold a ton of filament....

How to Make a Bathroom Vanity Light 

Let's see how I made a basic vanity light for my restroom as we prep our home available to be purchased! We're getting ready to put our home on the market to sell as we're moving, so I am at long last finding time to do a lot of projects that I've procrastinated on for quite some time now. One of...

Making Raised Garden Beds from Composite Decking

In the same way as other of you, I really wanted to take a stab at home gardening and I began by making raised garden beds from composite decking. These beds should last a truly lengthy timespan and they were really simple to construct.

How to make a simple, easy & cheap work table 

I think most of you can agree when I say that furniture can be expensive at times. so in light of this fact, today we're going to make a quick, easy and cheap work table. This project includes an incredibly simple work table by only using some 2x4s that can be modified to fit any space or purpose....

Downdraft table // How-To

For this project, you’re going to learn how to make a hole in your workbench and make a downdraft table. I wanted my box to fit within the existing bracing of my table so I wol=uldnt have to mess with framing underneath the tabletop. So, I started with making 4 pieces of 18 inches square with some...

How to make a spiral plywood vase 

Having a perfect home with the most perfect home décor is something that everyone wants but home décor can be expensive at times. So today we’re going to learn how to make a spiral plywood vase using a cheap, store-bought glass insert. This project is a great way to spruce up the décor around your...

Apple Watch & iPhone Charging Dock // Woodworking How-To 

Aren’t you frustrated with the never-ending mess of tangled electronic wires specifically chargers, organizing different charging wires for different electronics is a very annoying and tedious job? So, we have the perfect solution for you if you are too tired of with dealing this mess. Today we’re...

How to Make a Ravioli Rolling Pin

A while ago I was surfing through tge internet and I ran across a picture of a rolling pin specifically made for making ravioli, it was kind of a cool looking object and so I decided to give it a shot and try to make it. Have you ever wondered how to make Ravioli with a rolling pin? Well, let’s...

Climbing wall hand holds // How-To

  We’re back again with another fun project for you to try, today we’re going to learn how to make some climbing holds. So, let’s check out this pretty simple process for making custom hand holds for a climbing wall! I went to the craft store and bought the cheapest block of air dry clay that I...

Outdoor Storage Bench

Things you need: Skil circular saw Dewalt 20v drill driver combo Evolution miter saw Orbital Sander Jigsaw Speed square Quikclot clotting sponge First aid kit Respirator Filters Eye protection Ear protection Procedure: Today we’re going to learn how to make a quick and easy outdoor...

Making Custom Silicone Mats

Post text...With the entirety of the model making and gadgets dabbling I've been doing of late, I needed a custom silicone mat that could hold explicit things. Silicone mats are really strong, heat-safe, and simple to clean. Have an ever undertaken a task that you have to do over and over again?...

How to install hardwood flooring (Nail down)

TOOLS & SUPPLIES: - The Flooring boards - Underlayment - Flooring nailer & Mallet Let's get started: Anybody can learn and DIY how to nail down hardwood flooring and it looks PRETTY AWESOME! In the previous episode of my home remodel series, we set out some floating hardwood floors in our room...

Bedside table with a built-in night light

Today we're going to build a bedside table with a built-in night light. We'll start this project by making the shelves first, and I decided to make them out of some reclaimed barn wood that I had laying around but of course, you can use whatever is convenient for you. I figured out the width of the...

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