Build a Galaxy Resin Black hole table

Build the perfect table to make the time working on your desk more fun. This table not only has a fun galaxy prink but also back hole with infinity mirror, making your table even more unique as it creates a magical effect. Since the galaxy print is made from resin you can get creative and personalize it the way you believe would look good. You can also experiment with the LED lights to match your aesthetic.    





Semi opaque mirror


Table legs

Step 1

Let is understand the idea for this table before we can construct it. The black hole table will have an infinity mirror at the centre, so the table will be built around the infinity mirror, to do this you will have to place an LED strip between a mirror and another partially transparent mirror. When the LED is on the mirror, it will reflect all the light out while the partially transparent mirror will let a little bit of light out each time, so this gives a crazy effect of light being infinite.

Step 2

Since the table is just not a plain table and has an infinity mirror it will have a couple of layers to it. For the project the base will be made of MDF and not wood but that is because the base will be covered in paint and resin later so it is not necessary for it to be made of wood. You will need 3 layers of MDF and cut them into circles with a hole in the middle, the hole should be able to fit the mirror in it, for cutting the MDF you could use a X-carve CNC or you could manually do it, make sure to smooth out the edges to give it even edges.

Once you are done cutting the MDF you can apply glue on each layer and attach them together, make sure to do this quickly as the MDF tends to absorb glue which may result in the layers not being secured properly. Once you have mounted the layers place some pressure on it and leave it to dry up overnight.   

Step 3

Once the MDF is dried up and is secure, you can start sanding the edges to give the layers a finishing smooth look. Now you can move on to the fun part which is painting the base, this is done so that it elevates the galaxy’s visual when the resin is added. Coat the base with black plain and the with a tooth brush sprinkle some white paint, this is done to make it look like there are stars in the galaxy. After you are satisfied with painting the base you can leave it aside to dry up.

Step 4

Next, you will have to add resin to the base. For this you will have to layer the base with a thin coat of clear resin, this is done so that when you pour the different colours of resin later, it can flow more smoothly on the base, make sure to level the base before you add the colours as you don’t want the resin to flow in only one direction. Now you can begin gently pouring other colours of resins onto the base, you can choose any pattern you want to form, while pouring it on the base, use a heat gun as you pour the resin this is done to adds texture to the base. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the way it looks. Leave it alone for a day or two.

Step 5

For this step you will need the partially transparent mirror and fit it into the hole that was cut out into the base, you can do this with the help of a glue gun where you can glue the edges of the mirror to the MDF. Next, pour some clear resin into a container and pour it all over the base. You can use a blow torch to get rid of any bubbles that might have formed. And leave the base alone for a day or two.

Step 6

Now it is time to work on the infinity mirror, you will need an LED strip for this. Place the LED along the mirror and fix it onto the base. Glue all the wirings on the back of the base. Next up you will need the legs for the table. You can buy the legs for the table online or you could detach the pair of legs from any old table you can find and fix it to the base of your galaxy table. Once you are done fixing everything you can switch on the LED lights. You have built your very own Galaxy resin black hole table with an infinity mirror!

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