Build a high-tech transparent display screen

Transparent screens have been all the range in recent years, as the growing fascination with futuristic devices increases the desire to own your very own transparent display screen also increases. This DIY is perfect for your science fair project or a fun assignment to take on when you have nothing else to do. While it is safer to build it as a group, building it individually could leave you and others in aww with your device.



Screen protective sheet (plexiglass)

Planks of wood

Step 1

For the first step you will need a monitor, lay the monitor on a secure table and start disassembling everything, you will first need to detach the frame of the monitor, while you may not need the frame of the monitor later however, make sure that in the process of detaching the frame you don’t end up damaging any of the elections inside the monitor. Once you have detached the frame carefully, while removing it make sure that any attached electronics are cautiously unscrewed from the frame. Before you move on to the next step check if the monitor still turns on

Step 2

Remove all the screws and the tape inside the monitor. You can run something gentle along the sides of the monitor for the liquid display to be detached, this should be done really attentively as it is very easy to damage it. Plug the monitor cable and the power cable in and check if the display is working, if the display still works then you are on the right track.

Step 3

You will need to place the display on a soft surface and for this step you will have to try and peel off the film on the display for this you will have to place a damp towel over the display. Make sure the towel covers every part of the display. You will have to wait for approximately one hour before you start peeling off the towel from the screen.

Step 4

After waiting for an hour, peel the towel a little and try to examine if you can take off the film from the display, if the film can be peeled off you are on the right track, if not you will wait for a longer period. Take off the towel and slowly peel the film off the display, make sure to do this slowly as it could tear apart during the process, making the peeling process more challenging. To make sure that your display is safe from any damages you will need to get some protective sheeting for the display, gently apply the protective seen on either side of the display, you also need to make sure that the protective sheet is the same size as the display. For a test run, place a bright light one side of the display and check if you can see the movements taking place on the display.

Step 5

Now you will have to reconstruct all the parts, however this reconstruction will be modified, you monitor will look noting like it did at the beginning of this project. We will start building the frame for the display, the frame for this is fairly simple consisting of a base and two arms. The base will have a CNC’d slot cut into it so that all the cables will be fixed into the base.  

Step 6

Now we can start building the frame, for this you will need some planks of wood. You will need a plank of wood that will act as the base and a gap should be CNC’d in the middle. Place three strips of wood on three sides of the base, the strips should be at the same length as its corresponding the base area that it will be placed on. Next up you will have to make the arms, for this you will need two strips of wood, the length of the wood should be the same as the display, when it will be fitted on the base. The strips of wood used for the arms should have a gap CNC’d in the middle, the gap should be just enough for the display to be held in place.

Step 7

Now that you are done with the frame, start installing all the electronics, fix the electronic at the bottom of the base, you can screw it to secure it tightly. Once you have fixed the electronics and connected it to the display, power it on and place a bright light behind it to make sure that it is still working. Your transparent screen is now ready!

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