Build a King Size Bed

The bed being built is a low, storage bed, with this you will not have to worry about cleaning any dust under the bed, while also having space to store items. This bed is relatively frameless. While this bed is built of 2x4 and ½ plywood, however, they are not visible.

Step 1

First, you will need to cut down eight short 2×4 and two long 2×4, for the sides of the frame. Then you will need to mark where you’ll add pocket holes.

With the help of a pocket hole jig, add holes for connecting the frame and  screw them together. Repeat this process of making the frame for the other side.

Next, you will need to cut plywood for the top, bottom and back panels for each of the cabinets.

For the back panel, cut down drawer dividers of the same height, and the same depth as the top and bottom panels.

You will then need to screw in drawer slides to the dividers.  Add one of these to each side of the interior panels, and to only one side to the outside panels.

With the help of a divider draw lines on the back panel to space them out evenly. 

You will then need to attach the dividers with some glue and nails

Step 2

While adding the top use the same measurements as used for the back panel. These will show you where to shoot nails down into the dividers.

Make sure the dividers line up with your markings, you can then glue and nail in place.

You will now have to flip the cabinet over, and continue the same process for the bottom.  You will need to make two of these. Cut nicer looking plywood down to size for the drawers. Add a 3/16″ channel to each piece using a dado blade, router bit or multiple passes with a normal blade. Cut down a piece of 1/8″ plywood to size for the drawer bottom. Glue and nail three sides, then slide in the bottom panel. Glue and nail in the final side panel.

Add the drawer slide to the sides of the drawers.  Repeat for the rest of the drawers.

Step 3

Then I made a mark right in the centre of the drawer divider and drew a line across the surface.

You will now need to clamp all the pieces together, make sure to clamp the top and the bottom to the drawer front.

You will then need to drill countersink to screw the barn wood to the drawer front. Do the same for all the drawers. 

Once you are satisfied with the drawers, you can screw the under frame to the bottom of the cabinet. You can use some rubber stand offs to make sure that it doesn't damage the floor. 

Step 4

To set up the cross braces you will need to set up some 2x4, it should be of the same height as the cabinet. You can attach it with the help of some pocket screws. Continue with this process until you have finished all the cross braces. 

You will then need to use pocket screws to attach the frame to the wood. 

To cover the 2×4 under frame with strips of pallet slats, trimmed down to 1 1/4″, and place them under the bed. You have now built your own kid sized bed. 

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