Build a Large Super Soaker Gun

Have you ever played with a super soaker gun or with any other water gun?  They are a great way to beat the heat and get your summer started, you can play with them for hours and not feel tired. So if you enjoy playing with water guns why not take it to the next level, a regular water gun limits the amount of water and when playing with a large group of people, it can be frustrating to refill it constantly. Through this article you can build your own super soaker gun and build it to a larger size




Wood glue 

Foam expander

Step 1

To make the process of building a large version of the super soaker gun easier you will need to print a profile view of the regular sized gun. You will then have to draw a 1 inch grid over it, this done so that it is easier to construct the gun on a larger scale, this is a very common technique used when you want to scale up an image, you may have commonly seen many artists use this technique too. 

Step 2

One you have figured out the proportions of the gun you will have to draw another grid on a large plank of wood. Another positive trait about is technique is that you don't have to necessarily keep focusing on scaling the entire thing  as a whole on the wooden plank, as long as you focus on one grid square at a time, all you have to do is focus on one square where you map out the shape as accurately as possible and then move on to the next square and before you know it you have mapped out the entire profile of the super soaker gun, once you have mapped out everything you can clean and refine the lines, using a pencil to map out the design is a good idea as you can erase any unwanted strokes. 

Step 3

After you are satisfied with the way your design turns out you can lay out two tanks across the gun, this is to make sure about the positions of the tanks as well as to ensure that there is enough space for valves, so that if there is any adjust needed to be made they can be rectified before you begin cutting the wooden plank. 

Step 4

Now you can begin cutting it out, before cutting out you can use a marker to outline the mapped out part just so that you're clear about the areas you want to cut out. You can first cut out the entire outline and then later separate the top part. You will notice that the top has a round cylinder look to it while the bottom has a square pistol like shape. Place the bottom, square pistol like shape part, on another plank of wood and trace the outlines so that you can duplicate it to make the bottom box. 

Step 5

Next, you have to measure out all the long sides of the gun and then you will need to cut out some one-by-fours to give the gun some volume. Once you have got the structure completed you can move on to cutting and add any smaller details. Then start mounting it on the bottom cut out. Add some glue to each of the pieces and attach them to the top plank of wood, the other side is detachable.  Since just applying glue is not reliable enough you can use some counter sink drill bits to pre-drill some holes along the edges, you will then need to flush mount some screws and make sure that nothing is sticking out.  

Step 6

Now that you have a rough idea on who it will look you will now have to think about the weight of the soaker gun, place your tanks in, you can place your tanks in a way you feel works better for you. Next, you will have to connect the top part to the bottom, if your wood is too thin to mount at the top you will need to attach some 1x4 blocks of wood on weather side of the top gun, you will then need to add some angle brackets at each side of the mounts, you might have to trim the ends of the bracket. 

Step 7

Once you have the brackets in the piece you can attach the top to the bottom. .Since the top cylinder part of the project is really big, and might snap, it is better if you could add a profile to it, foam would be a good option for this. Then attach the detachable part of the bottom part of the gun, you will simply have to screw it on without using any gun this is so that you can remove it later on. 

Next you will need to attach a barrel to the soaker gun. For this you can roll up a poster and then fill it up with some foam expander, shove a tube into it and then attach a long angled bracket which will then be attached to the top of the gun. 

Now that you are done with the base structure of the gun you can stylize it

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