Build a LED TV Panel

Through this article you will be able to understand how to make a LED TV panel and also be able to hide all the wires. After building this TV panel you can say bye to all the entangled wires that can dull your movie watching experience, while the LED lights set a cozy mood.



LED strip

Outlet and J-box

TV brackets

Step 1

To begin with this project, you will need one sheet of 4 x 8 plywood, you do not have to limit yourself to plywood and can use any other sturdy material that you are comfortable using. To then have to cut the plywood to the size you want your panel to be and the remaining excess wood can be used for the framing and French cleats. After cutting everything you can start sanding all of the parts.

Step 2

You can now start attaching the frame. Attach all the sides of the frame with the help of some pocket screws, all the screws were made inside the frame so nothing will be visible from the outside.  You then have to flip the fame and apply wood glue at the bottom.

You will then have to quickly attach the frame onto the panel. You will need to make sure that the fame is right at the centre and has the same spacing on all sides. You can then use regular screws to attach the frame more securely to the panel. You then have to attach spacers on all sides for the French cleat, glue and screw them down. You can now attach the French cleats.

You can use some edge banding to cover the edge of the plywood, as it does not require adhesive you can use an iron to attach it.

Step 3

To mount the panel to the wall you will first have to find the space and location on where you want it to be placed. Once you have found your location you will need some masking tape, this is where you will make your marking instead of it being directly on the wall. Using a Bosch laser line will help visualize it. You will need a stud finder to locate the studs on the wall. You will be mounting 2 French cleats, the first one will be mounted with 2 studs and then measure the spacing for the 2nd flinch cleat, this side was only mounted with one stud, the other end was mounted with the help of toggle bolts, since these bolts are heavy duty, they can be used when mounting heavy objects.

Then install the French cleats. You will have to place the panel onto the wall to test if it is hanging securely on the wall.

Step 4

You can now start mounting your TV. You will first have to take off any handle and stand that is attached to the tv and then install brackets to the mounting holes on the TV. Measure from the bracket to the top of the TV. You will then have to attach two pieces of tape on the panel on where you want the brackets to be.

To determine the height for the bracket, you can measure the panel and the TV, and then subtract both of them by two and then divide it by 2, now you have to measure from the top of the TV bracket, with this measurement measure from the number you got earlier and this is where the brackets will be placed. You can then mark the area where the outlet and bracket will be mounted and paint the rest of the panel, the paint for the panel will depend on the colour of the room or your personal preference.

Step 5

After the paint is dried up you can start adding the outlet. For this project the outsell will be set up right behind the TV, this setup may not necessarily work the same for you. You will then need to cut some space for the electrical junction box on the panel. You then need to attach the coax cable

You then have to add the power, for this you will need to wire the new outlet (connect back to the gold terminal, white to the silver and copper to the green terminal), this may depend on the country you live in. You then have to tie the new outlet to the existing outlet (connect black to the group of black wires, white to the group of white wires and copper to the green or bare copper)

It is always recommended to test the outlet for you to plug our device to it. You can use a tester for this.

Step 6

Once everything is done you will now have to attach the LED strip. For this project you will need WIFI LEDs, this is done so that you can control it with a controller. This will give you the option to control and change the colour anytime you want. The LEDs will be attached around the frame of the panel. You then have to attach the outlets and the wires to the panel and lastly mount the TV onto the panel.

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