Build a Log Bench with Hidden Storage

The bench is made of a log of wood with steel leg assembling on each side. The bench will also have a hidden storage space inside. The materials needed for the wood are really simple and this can be made during your free time.


Log of wood

Steel tube

Oil finish

Step 1

To begin with the project, you will first have to level the top, this is the area you will be sitting on. Place the log between 2 bricks and then with the help of a chisel you can start levelling the top, you can use any other tool to smoothen out the surface.

To be able to cut the wood to the length of the desk you will first need to cut the log in half with the help of a bandsaw. You will then need to cut a slab of wood from the top.

Step 2

You now have to attach both the slabs into a single slab, you have to place them next to each other and then draw a marking for the biscuits. You then have to apply some glue and attach the pieces together.

Step 3

Now you can start working on the storage space for the bench. You have to measure and draw out the area you want to use as the storage and then with the help of a circular saw, you will cut out the marked-out area.

You will then have to cut out a one-inch square at the end of both the pieces.

You now have to join both the halves together by using some biscuits and some glue. You will need to add clams on the flat side to hold them together as the glue is drying, you may realize a strap will hold the wood better.

Step 4

You now have to make the legs for the bench, for this you will need to make a steel framing that will act as the legs. You can use a miter saw to cut the steel at a 45-degree angle, you will need 8 pieces in total to make the legs for the log.

You will then need to weld the steel framing. You can use a flap disk to smoothen out the surface and edges.

You can then fit these pieces into the squares that were cut on the log. You can then fish it off by applying some light coats of semi-gloss black.

Step 5

You can now work on the storage area. For this you will need to make a couple of cleats out of wood, this will hold the seat panel in place. Make sure the cleats are cut in such a way that they fit into the storage space. You can then apply some CA glue on them and attach it to the seat. Then you will have to drill in some long screws to permanently attach them to the seat.

To assemble everything, you will need to set the frame first and then place the log onto it and screw the legs to the log. You can put on the top piece. Apply some oil finish and you are done!

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