Build a sea scooter for a faster swim

Do you want to swim faster? With the help of this device you can reach from point A to point B in no time and you won’t be exerting too much energy in doing so. 


Turbo jet motor 


Aluminium composite panel 

Right angle brackets 

Step 1

 To begin with this project you will need an aluminium composite panel and place 6 turbo JET motors at the bottom of the panel, you can then move on to lay the batteries at the top, with the switch at either side between the batteries and the motor. Then take a ruler and measure the space the turbos take up, with the help of a blade cut out the excess panel. You can then peel off the sticker at the back of the panel.  

Step 2

Once you have cut off the excess panel you can then with a ruler mark 6 dots that are 5cm apart from each other, this is where you will be placing your motors, you can even draw vertical lines to make the markings more clear. Next, you will need to measure the width of the motor and then on the excess panel, the one that was cut off before, make a marking with the width as the motor, you will have to continue tracing the marlins with the same measurements as the motor. With the help of a blade cut out the measure outline of the motor. 

Step 3

Once you have the outline carved, you can ten cut out the section from the remaining panel. Place the section on the panel. The outline carved should be placed in such a way that the lines marked for the motor should be at the centre of the carved out section. With a marker traced out the motor outline around the cut out. You can then use a drill machine to cut out the outlined part on the panel. Then palace the motor onto the cut out made into the panel, this is to see if the size of the panel is appropriate to the cut out. 

You can then move on to cutting the outlines of the remaining five marked lines. When everything is cut out properly, you can start screwing on the motors to the aluminium panel, you can then start screwing on the other 5 motors. 

Step 4

You will now need another aluminium composite panel, the panel should be of the same length as the first panel. With the help of a marker mark 3 dots that are 6cm apart from each other. One you have done that with a ruler, draw vertical lines on dots. You can then with the help of a blade cut out the stripes that have been drawn. Once the stripes  have been cut out you can revoke the sticker on the back of the panel. Place the strip at the bottom of the panel, where the motors are attached, the stripe should be of the same width of the panel, you will need to cut out any excess. 

Then you will have to draw a horizontal line 2cm away from the top of the strip. And with a marker mark six dots 5sm away from each other. Then with a drill machine drill holes in the dots, the holes should be big enough to fit the motor. You can then fit the motor into the holes onto the motor and with the help of a glue gun glue the motor to both the panels. 

Step 5

On the other strip that was cut out you need to draw a spear shape at the top and then cut it out, Place another strip behind it and trace and cut out the same shape. Bend out the tips a bit and then attach them on their sides of the main composite panel, you can attach them with some right angle brackets. Cut out any excess panel. Apply some glue at the edges and brackets to make it more secure. 

Step 6

Attach wires along the motors and solder them to the motors. You will then have to measure the width of the switches and mark the side of the panels. Then cut out the part as you will fix the switch into the cut out. Attach another switch on the other side of the device and solder each of the wires on the switches to the motors. And then attach the batteries to the switch. Stitch it on to test out if it is working. 

Step 7

You will then need some surgical gloves, cut off the wrist part of the glove and then you will have to spread out the glove and cut it into two parts, then attach double sided tape on all four parts of the glove cut out and cover the switch with it, cutting out any excess glove material. Secure the edges of the glove cut out with some tape. Make sure that you can still flip the buttons. 

Step 8

Next, you will need some PVC pipe, drill a hole on either side of the panel next to the switch to fit in the pipe. Then with the help of some adhesive attach the pipe to the panel. You will then need another panel to act as the lid, for this place your device onto the panel and trace and cut out the part. You will then need to draw a shape that is 2cm in length and 15 cm in width and cut out the area. With the help of a glue gun attach two strips on either side of the cut out. Bend out the tips to fit the edges. Apply some adhesive and attach the lid onto the device, place some kind of pressure on the top so that it can dry up more securely. Insert the cut out back at the top. You have now created your very own sea scooter. 

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