Build a Water Pump

Through this article you will be able to construct a water pump. This device is perfect if you are going to be camping, since camps are usually outdoors and the availability of running water may be scarce then this device is perfect for you. This could be used for various other activities like gardening, cleansing outdoors etc. The possibilities of this device are fascinating and can also be the perfect project for a science fair. 


775 motor 

PVC pipe 

Rubber tube 



PVC tap

Brushing connecting shaft 

Step 1

For the first step you will need four 755 motors, you can either buy them or find them in some old drill machines. Once you are able to get hold of all four motors you will need to get your hands on a PVC pipe, you will need a PVC reducer and a PVC cap of the same diameter. You will need to cut off a couple of centimetres from the reducer and from the cap, then cut a part of the PVC pipe, the length you need to cut out should be the same as the cut out reducer and cap have when joined together, the pipe should be able to fit into the reduce and cap, insert the cut out pipe into the reducer.  If it fits perfectly without slipping out then you are on the right track.  

Step 2

Next, you will have to take out the screws on the motor. You have to customize the PVC cap to fit the motor, for this you will have to mark the areas where the screws were attached and also outline the area where the output shaft will be located. You will then have to drill holes into the marked out area, make sure that the holes made are big enough to fit the screws and output shaft in.  

Step 3

For this step you will need a section of a flexible rubber tube, you will need to cut and spread out the cut. Then place the reducer over the rubber cut out and then cut out any excess rubber, the rubber cut out should fit comfortably into the cap. Once you place the rubber cut out into the cap, with the help of a marker you have to mark the areas for the screws and output shaft, then you will need to cut out the marked areas. You then have to place the cap over the motor’s output shaft and then place the rubber cut out into the cap. 

You will then have to screw everything with the same screws that were removed earlier.

Step 4

Next you will need a propeller, you can DIY your down propeller or buy one, both would work fine for this project. You will need a brushing connecting shaft, insert the shaft into the propeller and solder it on, this is to make sure that the shaft doesn’t move, you need to solder both sides of the propeller. 

Then insert the brushing shaft and propeller onto the output shaft of the motor and wire the motor to a battery to see if it is working. 

Step 5

You will now need to glue the pipes together, with some adhesive glue the PVC pipe cut out to the PVC reducer. As they dry up you can work on the part that will connect your water pipe to the device, for this you will need a PVC tap, cut out the mouth of the tap, you will then need to drill a hole at the side of the reducer and attach the tap into it, to securely attach it you will need to apply a thick layer of adhesive on the edges.  

Once the adhesive is dried up you can apply some more glue on the pipe and attach it to the cap. 

Step 6

Now that the main part of the device is ready you need to connect the device to a PVC pipe, make sure that the water pipe fits the tap. Solder the battery wires to the motor. Once the wires are connected to the battery the device should activate .You are ready with your water pump. Insert the pipe into some water and the device should pump out water. 

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