Build a Wishing Well

A wishing well is a well of water and is believed to grant wishes to those who toss a coin into it. While the idea for them is beautiful, they can also liven up your garden or backyard. Through this article you can understand how a wishing well is built. It is also much cheaper to build one yourself than to buy one online.


Cinder blocks

Concrete slab



Masonry sponge

Cedar wood

Step 1

To build a wishing well you will need to dig down into the group, you need to dig about 6 inches below grade, you will need a flat mouse shovel to accomplish this. Make sure that the area chosen for the wishing well has an irrigation system. Do not throw away the dirt that has been dug out. You then have to use a hand tamper, this is to compact the dirt to give you a tighter base. You will then need some cinder blocks and place them into the dug-out area, the blocks should be placed in a way that forms a square.

You will then need to fill all the cinder blocks with the dirt that was previously dug out, you can use a hand temper to compact them.

Step 2

You will then need to lay a concrete slab over the blocks, the slab should cover all the blocks. The slab should be heavy enough to hold itself. You can fasten it to the cinder blocks if you want ensure that it will stay in place.

You then have to attach the pump. For this project the electric and water feed was routed into the pump. Made sure to test out the pump to confirm that it is working before you move on to build the wishing well.

Step 3

Once you are satisfied with everything you can start with assembling the wishing well. For this you will need some bricks. You then need to start layering out the brinks, you will need a mortar mixture to attach the bricks together. Make sure to make the mortar mixture in small batches as the mixture tend to dry up fast. You will need to make sure to check up on the level of the bricks after every layer, the bricks should be as levelled as possible.

After you are done with the brick work and still have left over mortar, you can use it to fill in any touch ups that are necessary. fill any holes or gaps that may have been overlooked initially.

Areas that might have excessive amount of water can be removed with some water a masonry sponge

Step 4

You will then have to create a trim for the brick work. For this you will need to use 2x6 cedar and miter the corners, this will let you create a trip around the brick work. You will then have to anchor two 4x4 cedar to the ground, you can do this with the help of aluminium air bracket. These posts will act as a support for the roof of the well.

Step 5

You will need to cut pressure treated into 2x4 at a 45-degree angle, attach them to the outside of the 4x4 posts, this will give you the roof pitch. You can then start constructing the roof, the roof was made of 1x12 cedar board which was cut with a 1-inch overhang. Start installing the roof panels from the lower parts first, overlapping as you add more panels over it all the way to the peak.

You will then have to make an access panel for the irrigation pump, this is done for any servicing needed in the future. The wishing well is now complete. You can add any other finishing touches if you desire.

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