Build an Elevated Dog Bowl Stand

Are you looking for a dog bowl stand that is not only suitable for your dog’s height but also is of an appropriate size to fit your apartment? Then why not make one yourself, all you need is some planks of wood and you can build a customized dog bowl stand by yourself, the instructions are simple so you do not need any prior knowledge of building a dog bowl to make one. 



Wood glue 

Wood block 

Butcher block conditioner

Step 1

To begin building the dog bowl stand you will need am 1 inch plywood, once you have the wood you can then move on to cut it to a size you this works best for you, the sizing will determined the space for one or two bowls, if you have 2 dogs using a longer plank of wood will be more suitable.

 If you want to increase the thickness of the wood then you can cut strips of wood, these strips will then be attached to your main plywood, when cutting the strips you will need to first cut the longer side and then measure the space and cut the shorter strips. The strips will be attached to the main plywood with the help of some glue and then clapped together until it dries up, the glue can tend to slide the wood a little when it is clamped together, make sure that you check the positions of the strips after you clamp them. 

Step 2

While the plywood is left to dry up  you can start working on the legs for the dog bowl stand. For this you will need a block of wood, the type of wood used for this doesn't matter, you could use anything you find at home, if you are using an already available wood or if the wood being used is rough then you might need to smoothing out the surface before cutting it. You can now start cutting the wood into 1 inch strips. 

Next, you need to figure out the the placement for the stand, for this project the leg placement will resemble an ‘A’ shape, once you have your strips laid out in that format you can move on to cutting them, the best way to do is to take a pencil and draw out the angle you was to cut it, you can then start carefully cutting all the strips, you can use the picture provided as reference.  

You can attach the trips together with some pocket screws, apply some wood glue on each end and then clamp them together, one they are calmed tightly you can use some pocket screws and securely attach them. You will have to repeat this whole process to make the other leg for the dog bowl stand. 

Step 3

You will now have to make holes onto the wood for the dog bowls. For this you will have to find the centre of the plywood, the placement of the bowl doesn't have to be at the centre, you can choose a placement that you think will be best. Then with a compass draw out a circle, this is where the dog bowl will fit and therefore you will have to measure the dog bowl that you will use and then map out the circle to fit the bowl.  

You then have to cut out the circle, you can do this with the help of a jigsaw, make sure you sand out the edges after you cut out the pieces, you don't want the edges to be rough with wood poking out. You can do the same to the other circles you may have. 

Step 4

You now have to begin attaching your wood. For this you can make a 3 quarter inch march where you will drill holes into, the holes should be with equal distance between them. Then apply glue to the plywood where you will be attaching the legs and screw the legs into the plywood. 

You will now need to apply some butcher block conditioner on the surface of both the legs and the plywood.  The last thing you need to do is coat it with a layer of protective substance, this is so that the wood doesn't come apart after coming in contact with dog saliva or water.

 Now all you have to do is insert the bowls into the holes made and your elevated dog bowl stand is ready!

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