Can a NERF Rocket Launcher be Built 

If you like the concept of a NERF gun, when you can point to a direction and shoot but want something that exerts a larger amount of force and is physically much larger? Then this article is for you, you can see the results of the rocket ;launcher at the very end. However, this rocket launcher should not be targeted towards any living being, you will also have to make sure that you are wearing some sort of protective gear using the rocket launcher. 


PVC fitting cap

Pool noodle 

Step 1

This NERF rocket  being built is 4ft long. The entire rocket launcher was designed through a computer aided design, this is done so that you have an idea on how you will cram all the pipe fittings and bowels. You will then have to 3D print all the parts.

The rocket launcher has two stands, that can be slid open, at the bottom, this is so that you can prop it on a surface if needed. It has a safety switch at the top followed by an electrical trigger. 

Step 2

Once you 3D print everything, you can start attaching all of the parts, you can then start painting it with any design you want. The paint used for this rocket launcher was White, blue and orange, and the design was similar to a NERF gun.   

Step 3

The NERF darts were made from pool noodles. A pool noodle as a whole is too long to fit into the launcher, therefore you will have to cut it off into the size you want the dart to be. 

Let's move on to the dart tips, you can use a PVC pipe fitting cap as the tip , the dart shape should be the same as a standard NERF dart tip. 

Step 4

Once you get everything ready, your rocket launcher is ready to be used, point your rocket launcher at the target and shoot. The position in which you hold the rocket launcher is crucial, you want to keep it towards your sides as the force created in shooting the dart could cause the launcher to move behind a bit, this could cause some bruising if not handled with care. 

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