Create an Eternal Terrarium

An eternal terrarium is like a mini terrarium for plants, these plants are usually grown in jars and other air-tight containers, these containers are typically transparent. As the container is air-tight there is no oxygen or carbon dioxide that passes through it. This may have you questioning how these plants survive in such an environment. Well plants need 3 key elements to survive, these are water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. 

Before you close your jar, you will need to spay it with some water and this water will then be recycled throughout. For sunlight, since the plant will be placed into a transparent glass container  so this is enough for it to gain excess sunlight. For carbon dioxide, the soil used to grow the plant will be one that is from your garden, and not from the store, this solid will have micro insects and other bacteria that will produce carbon dioxide for the plant to survive.


Transparent glass container 

Step 1

For this project we will be using a bulb for the plant. Before taking apart the bulb, we will need gloves and protective glasses to ensure our safety. With the help of  needle nose pliers and a screwdriver  you will need to pull out the electrical supplies in the bulb. With the pliers pull out the circle and split the black insulation glass, with a flat screwdriver you can take out the glass structure into the bulb. Make sure to clean the bulb of any glass shards that remain.

Step 2

To make the base of the bulb you can use any source available, got this project, a huge stone was used. With the help of hot glue, glue the bulb to the stone, the stone was also glued to another surface to keep it secure. 

Step 3

The matter used for the terrarium was moss, sand, small stones,  soil and tree bark. The matter for the terrarium can vary and will depend on the individual making it. 

To insert the matter into the bulb you can roll a paper and insert one end onto the bulb, then insert some small stones through it, these stones will act as a drainage for the terrarium. You will then insert some sand, you can level the sand with the help of a narrow wooden stick. Then add the solid, you can level it with the stick too. 

With a pair of tweezers insert the moss into the bulb. Add any other matter that you would like. 

To provide the matter with water, a syringe can be  inserted into the bulb to pour a few drops of water. To seal the terrarium an acorn was glued into the opening. Any other matter could also be used to close the opening of the bulb, you could use a tree branch. 

Although the bulb is now sealed the life of the plants inside the bulb will not stop. 

You do not have to limit yourself to a bulb and can use any other transparent glass container you have available. 

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