DIY a Cardboard Coin Sorting Machine 

If you like to organise this DIY is for you. Finding the right amount of change can be quite a hassle, through this DIY you no longer have to worry about it. This is also perfect for a school project since it can be easily done and is cost efficient. If you have a shop this could be a great way in which the coins sort themselves, making it easier for you to count your money.  



Utility knife 


Step 1

Gather all the sizes of coins you have with you, this will be used as reference for the sorting machine. You will then need a strip of cardboard. Then with the help of a ruler and pencil, you will need to draw two lines that are 0.3 centimetres away from each other, the line will be drawn along the longer side of the cardboard strip. Then place your ruler on the line and mark dots that are one dot 3 centimetres apart, one dot 4 centimetres apart and the last dot 5 centimetres apart, the spacing between each dot should be 3 centimetres. The spacing should depend on the size of your coins, mark parallel dots on the top of the cardboard too. 

Step 2

Place a coin at the centre of the two dots and trach an arch around the coin. Then draw a box around the coin arch, in other words the coin arch should be inside the box draw. Do note that the box drawn should be of the same width as the dots marked and the bottom of the box should touch the line that was drawn at the beginning. Then with a utility knife cut the boxes drawn. 

Step 3

You will then need two more strips of cardboard, they should be of the same length as the first strip, but should be narrow. Apply glue on one side of the strips and attach them on the main cardboard strip. The first narrow strip should be placed at the top of the main cardboard and the 2nd narrow strip should be placed at the bottom of the main strip. 

Once the glue dries up you can then hold the cardboard frame at a diagonal angle, make sure the smaller coin cut out is at the top and the side with the largest coin cut out is touching the ground. Start sliding different sizes of coins from the top, the coins should be separated based on their sizes. The smaller coins will drop out of the cut out at the beginning while the bigger coins will pass  the smaller cut out and drop out of their respective cut outs. Keep this coin sorting piece at the side for now. 

Step 4

You will now need 2 bigger pieces of cardboard, this will be the size of your coin sorting machine. One cardboard piece will act as the frame and the other piece will act as the back frame for the coin sorting machine. You will need some glue to attach both the pieces together. 

Next you will need to cut some ‘L’ shaped cardboard to fit on the sides of the box. You can use the picture provided as reference for the sides.

Step 5

You will then need another piece of cardboard, attach 3 identical dividers on the cardboard piece. You will have to place the cardboard piece diagonal, the dividers will help separate the coins into compartments, the dividers should be long enough to touch the front of the base cardboard piece, they should also be long enough for the sorting piece to fit over it. 

You then need a narrow strip of cardboard to cover the front, this is also so that the coins don’t slip out of the machine.  

You can then place the sorting pieces diagonally over the dividers, making sure that the smaller coin cut out is at the top, use glue to attach it to the cardboard. 

Step 6

Cut another cardboard piece, this cardboard piece should only cover the coin sorting frame.

You have to cut one last piece for the top, the top should have a cut out big enough to fit a coin. You have now built your own coin sorting machine. You can name the sections for its appropriate coin size.

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