DIY a Concrete Lamp

With just 3 main materials this DIY can make your interior looking ethereal. Although it may look complex, making it is fairly simple.  


Transparent Vase

LED string lights

4-inch pipe 

Plastic bottle

Plastic wrap or aluminium foil

Foam strip  

Step 1

First, you will need to measure the pipe up to 5 inches, you will then need to cut the pipe into to parts, make sure that the pipes that are cut are of the same length. If the pipe being used was one that was sitting out for too long it is better if you could wash them, doing this will prevent any dirt from transferring into the final form of your lamp.

The forms need to hollow inside, a great way to achieve this is by using some plastic bottles, this can be a plastic water bottle that is locally available. These plastic bottles will act as the placeholder for your form.

Step 2

Once you have found some plastic bottles, you will need to cut them, the plastic bottles should at least be an inch and a half before the rim of the pipe. Since the electronics will be mounted inside the pipe these bottles are an affection solution to make the process easier.

You need to place the bottle cut-out into the pipe. You need to make sure that the bottle is placed at the centre of the pipe, this is crucial as keeping the bottle separate can affect the strength of the form.

Step 3

The form should be built in a way that allows the glass vase to fit into the body, this means the diameter of the top part of the firm should be smaller than the rest of the form. For this you will need a 1-inch foam strip, these could be found at your local hardware store. The strip needs to be attached at the top of the pipe. Since this is not the professional way of doing it, you might have to sand it out later. Repeat the same procedure to the other pipe.

Step 4

Once you are done attaching the foam strip to the top of the pipe, you will need a plastic wrap sheet, these will be placed at the bottom of your pipe, this is done to close off the pipe. If you do not have plastic wrap available you could use some aluminium foil, however, plastic wrap is easier to work with. You can then use some painters tape to hole the plastic wrap in place.

Step 5

You then need to make your concrete mixture, to do this you need concrete mix and water. Mix some water into the concrete mix, keep mixing it until the concrete mixture is wet. If your mixture has too much water you could add some more concrete mix and if your mixture is too dry then you can add some more water.

Once your mixture is ready you will have to pour it into the pipe, make sure that the bottle placed inside is placed at the centre of the pipe and does not move when pouring the concrete mixture. You can place your finder on the bottle to prevent it from moving, while doing this you will first need to pour the concrete around the bottom and then you can start filling up the pipe. It is advisable to tape the pipe on the side a couple of times to make sure that the concrete settles down. You need to constantly check up on the bottle, as the bottle might try to rise up since it is not glued to the bottom. Repeat the same process with the second pipe.

Step 6

Next, you can take a sander and start moving it along the sides of the pipe, this will vibrate the form, you will start noticing that there are some bubbles rising to the top. You can use a long nail to make sure that the bottle is in place while the vibrating of the form is going on. Leave them to dry up for about four days, by this time you can trust that the concrete is perfectly dried up.

Step 7

Once your concrete is completely dried up you can start taking it out of the pipe. First you need to take off the plastic wrap and make sure that there is a hole at the bottom of the form. If the concrete covered the bottle, you could just gently hammer it to break off the concrete that is covering the hole.

Then carefully take out the foam at the top. Lastly you will need to cut the pipe from the form. You can use a saw to do this, make sure not to go all the way through as you don’t want to damage the form.

Step 8

Once you have got your form out of the pipe you will need to start sanding it. A palm sander with 60 grit sandpaper will work perfectly for sanding the concrete. Make sure to sand the top part so that the vase can fit on it,

You will then need to drill a hole at the centre of the form, you can remove the plastic bottle out if you want. You will have to make a notch at the bottom of the form so that the wire can pass through.

Then pass the string light from the bottom through the top drilled hole, you then need to pass the LED controller in from the bottom and through the top, this is done so that it can be easily controlled by the remote. Attach the power wire to the controller and connect the transformer. You can use hot glue to attach the wires to the form. You can then stuff the lights into the vase and attach the vase on the form. You are now done building your very own concrete lamp. 

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