DIY a Display Case

Display cases can uplift the appearance of any object kept in them, be it shoes or a vase, knowing that they are in a safe space and not exposed to the environment will leave you with one less thing to worry about. Through this DIY you will be able to build a display case for your precious belongings.


Wood planks




22-gauge conductor

Making the panels

To make the panels you will need some 1x2 wood planks. Cut them into the size you want your display to be, you will need to make a 45-degree cut at the end of each wood, this is so that they fit in perfectly to make the frame of the showcase. You will have a total of 12 panels to work with.

Making channels for the glass

After you are done cutting the word, you will have to make slots or channels on the panels for the glass to fit into. You can use a table saw to do this, you will have to lower the blade and make sure that it doesn’t cut the wood in half, the channel should be just enough to fit the glass. Do this on all of the wood panels and remember to carve the channels on a uniform side of the panels.

Cutting the glass

Before you start cutting the glass for the display case, you will need to measure the length and width you would like to cut it into, make sure to take exact measurements of all four sides. Based on your measurements you can now start cutting the plexiglass. To get a cut on your Plexiglas, you will need a blade that has at least 60 teeth. Then start cutting out the bottom and top of the display case, the top display wood should have hollow channels craved for the LEDs.  

You then need to bend the edges of your plexiglass, this will act as the display stand inside, you can do this by fanning a heat gun at the area you want to bend. You then need to cut a strip of wood and then nail it to the rear end of the wood that will be placed on top, this is where you will be mounting your wire supplies. You can then attach the glass to the wooden panels. 

Sanding and painting

It is advisable to sand and paint your panels before you fix them into a box, this is because painting it when it’s will be a much more tedious job. Start by sanding the panels so that the paint can be applied more smoothly than without sanding.

You will then need to tape each corner of the plexiglass, this is to prevent the paint from spilling onto the plexiglass. You can then start painting the panels with a colour of your choice.

Assembling everything

Once your colour has dried off you can start attaching all the frames together. You can use nails to attach them together. Keep the top side open for the wirings to be attached.

You will then need to attach the LEDs to the carved-out channel at the top display wood, the LED being used is 12v, to attach the LEDs you will need to remove the sticker on the back and then stick it onto the channels. You can now attach the top to the rest of the frames.

After you nailed everything together you can sand the box again and give it another layer of paint. Now remove the tape around the plexiglass.

Attaching access panel

You start attaching the hinges of the door at the back, where the strip of wood was attached to the top. Screw in the two hinges onto the wood, making sure the hinges that are used will open the door outwards. You can then attach a plank to the hinges. At the bottom display wood, insert a screw in the middle and attach a magnet, this will hold the door close.

You then solder on a 22-gauge conductor to the LED, you then make your connections.

You then have to carve out a piece of wood for the magnet on the door, make sure that the magnet is corresponding to the bottom display magnet. You can use a pain as a handle for the door. You are now done building your very own display case.

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