DIY a Dust Collector

Cleaning up after you are done with any wood project is a painful task, with dust everywhere, you end up spending the same amount of time cleaning as you did working on the project. Dust collectors not only keep your working space clean but also improves the air quality at your workstation. Once you are done building this DIY, you will not have to worry about the cleaning up process anymore and can enjoy the project that you made. 



10ft hose 


Sink strainer 


2 inch by 1 Rubber Reducer 

1.5 inch by 1.25 reducer 

1 1/4 inch PVC 90 degree elbow

 PVC 1- 1/4inch couplings 3x 

2 feet of 1 1/4inch

PVC Glue 


Step 1

Take out your bucket, the bucket being used should have a lid on. Before you attach the couplings to the lid, you will need to find the place placement for the couplings.

Once you are satisfied with your placements, with the help of a marker to draw dots on the areas where you have decided on the coupling placement, you can now drill holes onto the marked area with the help of a quarter inch bit. You can use a razor to cut off the rough edges.

Step 2

You will then need to cut and fit the pipe into the 90 degree angle, the side that will be attached to the lid should be cut straight and the other side should be cut at a 45 degree angle. This pipe should be fitted on the inside of the lid, and should be facing the wall of the bucket. You can cut off any excessive piece of the pipe and then fit the coupling to it. 

Step 3

You can then use a straight pipe, this will go into the middle drilled hole., this will act as the suction for the dust collector. Cut the pipe to a size that would fit into the coupling. You will have to glue all the couplings to the pipes. 

The 3rd hole made on the lid is the peep  hole for you, this is to see if the bucket is full without having to open up the dust collector. For this you will have to measure the hole and cut a square piece of plexiglass to fit that hole, Once you have placed the plexiglass to the lid you have to drill holes through them to screw the plexiglass to the lid, you can cut the screws it down to prevent it from scraping your skin when using it later. 

Step 4

Apply some caulk into the plexiglass and the pipe so that air doesn't escape from any gaps. Take out the strainer and place it over the straight pipe, using a strainer is optional. You will then need to screw the strainer to the pipe, for this to drill holes at the side of the pipe through the straighter and screw them together.  

Step 5

To attach the hose to the lid, you will need to attach a pipe to a 90 degree elbow and then attach a reducer onto it. You then have to attach the vacuum  to the reducer, this is where the suction for your collector is coming from. You will have to attach another reducer to the first pipe and then attach the hose to it, screw on the reducers really tight so that it doesn't move or come off when you move the dust collector around. You are now done building your own dust collector, test it out to see how it works.

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