DIY a Glue Gun that can 3D Print

If you do not have 3D printing gun but have some glue gun and filament around you can DIY your own 3D printing gun. You may be wondering about the need for such a DIY since 3D printing guns exist and are available, however they are hot as easy to control as a glue gun. Glue guns use a form of plastic to melt and glue things together, this DIY explores the idea if it is possible to 3D print with filament in a hot glue gun and if this idea works, what can be built with it. This can be perfect for a hand made decorative pieced for your school project.


Glue gun


Use of filament

Getting the filament to fit into a glue gun. It is no mystery that glue sticks are made of a specific shape and size to fit into a glue gun, in this we want to test out if we can use the filament used in 3D printers, the 3D printer feeds the filament into a complicated mechanism and then a nozzle heats up the filament in the right temperature and then extrudes it as the printer draws out the command. The plastic filament we will be using is a PLA plus which melts in a fairly low temperature compare to other plastics.

Prepping the filament

For this DIY you will need to print the filament to fit your glue gun that is the filaments sticks should be of the same size and shape as the glue sticks used in the glue guns. You need the filament sticks to the same size as the glue sticks cause otherwise the filaments wires are too narrow to work, the filament wire might fit into the gun but the gun might not be able to push the filament wire as it does with the glue stick. Even if you did insert the filament wire into the glue gun and manually pushed it through the glue gun you would see that the result of it would be a rubbery texture rather then hot fluid. This is probably because the narrow filament wires just grazed against the hot wall of the glue gun resulting in a unsatisfying outcome.  

Testing it out

Before trying it out with the PLA sticks you will need to heat up the gun for a longer amount of time than you would have with a glue stick. Once you have kept it heated for some time, you can turn it on and test out the consistency of the heated PLA sticks. Once you are satisfied with the consistency of heated PLA sticks, you will soon notice that they dry up much faster than the glue sticks and since there are not designed to puddle this makes it easier to craft out a shape.  

To build something with the PLA stick you need to repeat layers of the same shape and since the stick tends to dry up fast you don’t have to wait to mount it with another layer.   

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