DIY a Guitar from a Shovel 

DO you have a shovel just laying around with no purpose, whether you no longer need it or it is too broken to be used, this article is for you. Through this article you will finally be able to revive the shovel and play some music with it while you're at it. 



EMG Pickup

Fender locking tuner

Tekton Precision Screw driver kit

Step 1

To begin with this project you will need to get your hands on a shovel, the shovel to be used for this project does not have to be new, it could be an old one laying around. If the shovel being used has any rust on it, you will have to remove it, you can do this with the help of a grinder. Take out as much as you can.  You will then have to cut the top of the shovel to make it resemble the neck of the guitar. 

You can then start sanding the shovel, this can be done with the help of a belt sander., this is done so that you can flatten out an area for the string. And then make a marking for the nut to be placed, for the shovel used for this project, the marking was made at around 27inchs from the top. This will help you understand how flare the handle needs to be. ‘

This process may include numerous trial and errors of sanding and levelling. You can use a striping disc and a flat disc to smooth out the metal, this is where your hand would be when strumming the guitar therefore you want to avoid any sharp metal pieces. 

You can then start smoothing out all the areas of the handle. 

Step 2

You will then need to make another mark for the tunic peg, this marking will be a couple of inches behind the marking made for the nut. You will then need to draw a line that can be cut out, you will need to chop off the end for the punic piece to sit in. Sand the edges to smoothen them.

You will then need to attach the tunic piece into the cut out made for it. 

Step 3

For the sting to be attached to the shovel guitar it has to be facing upwards, this not possible as the surface for the string is flat, for this you will need to make a hole next to the tunic peg and the flip the tunic peg on the other side, this way the string when being attached to the tunic peg will pass through the hole. 

You will then have to check out where the neck hits the shovel pan. You can do this with the help of a long ruler. You will also need to mark the area on the shovel pan. You will also need to use a ruler to find the centre of the shovel pan. You then have to make a small hole onto the shovel head. You then have to drill a smaller hole a few inches above, this is where the nut will be installed.

Step 4

Next, you need to carve out a small area on the handle, this is where the bridge piece will be fitted. You then have to cut any excess material off the bridge piece. After you're done cutting you can start sanding off the rough edges.

For the pick up you can use an active EMT, the kit comes with everything so you do not need to worry about the assembling parts, there is no soldering required, all you have to do is plug everything. To assemble all the elements you will have to drill holes onto the shovel pan and then attach the elements onto them. 

You can then attach the strings. You have now make a guitar out of  a shovel. 

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