DIY a Kaleidoscope

You’re this DIY you will learn how to make your own kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope is an instrument that creates optical illusions, it is usually made up of two or more mirrors, or any other reflective surfaces. You can peek into a kaleidoscope and be lost in it, soaking in the psychedelic patterns, it is a fun pass time that you can spend hours into, especially during times when you may be too tired to do something. This is definitely be perfect for any projects for school events. Not only does it ensure a fun time, it is also really easy to make and can be enjoyed by children and adults.


Double sided tape

Foam sheet


Sticking tape

Shiny tape

Step 1

For the first step you with need 3 strips of mirrors, the mirrors should all be of the same length and breath. You’ll need to use mirror as it will act as a reflective surface to form your kaleidoscope, you do not have to limit yourself to a mirror you can use any reflective material, however, you will have to a more visually enchanting experience if you use a mirror.

Step 2

Once you have your 3 strips of mirrors prepared you can start to fold them into a triangular shape. Since the mirrors are not bound by anything it may be difficult to fold them into a triangular shape. Once the mirrors are adjusted to your preference, with the help of some tape you can attach them together. Take out your tape and wrap it around your mirror. Make sure to be careful while doing thing, as mirrors are sharp it is recommended to wear some safety gloves while doing this.

Step 3

Your kaleidoscope is almost ready now. While the kaleidoscope will show you some visually pleasing patterns, the tape wrapped around the mirrors dulls its appeal. To solve this challenge lets focus on turning the outer surface of the kaleidoscope to look pleasing. Using a foam sheet is perfect as its soft sponge texture prevents the kaleidoscope from braking easily.

For this you will need some foam sheet, cut the foam sheet to be of the same length as the kaleidoscope mirror. Apply some double-sided tape on one end of the foam sheet. Them place your kaleidoscope on it, once the foam sheet sticks to the kaleidoscope you will have to carefully roll the kaleidoscope along with the foam sheet, once you have reached the other end of the foam sheet you can apply another strip of double-sided tape, however this time the double-sided tape should be on the exposed areas of the kaleidoscope instead of the foam sheet. You can cut any excess foam sheet that remains.

Step 4

While the foam sheet does add some colour onto your kaleidoscope it however came come off as too plain and boring to make it interesting you can use some shiny tape to decorate it, take out your shiny tape and warp it around the edges of the kaleidoscope, make sure that the mirrors at the end is not visible, then take out a different coloured tape and warp it around the kaleidoscope. You do not have to limit yourself to shiny tape, you can use different decorative materials to make your kaleidoscope look pretty. You can apply some stickers or gems to personalize it.

Step 5

You have now built your very kaleidoscope. Now, you must be wondering on how it actually works. Place it on any colourful surface and peek into it, the mirrors will form various psychedelic patterns making you feel like you are in a different universe. Building a kaleidoscope can be the perfect activity to do with your friends as everyone can personalize their own kaleidoscopes and since it can be made really quickly you would not have to wait to meet up again to finish working on it, it can by completed it with in 5 minutes.

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