DIY a LED Lit Platform Bed with Floating Nightstands

This platform bed is made of 8-inch lumber and has two floating night stands on either side of the bed. The night stand is made in a way that has space to keep your lamp and has extra storage space for any other object you might want to store. With an electrical outlet and an on and off switch  that controls the puck lights that are installed at the bottom of the stand, giving it a more luxurious ambiance. The headboard for the bed has LEDs, which are installed to set the mood for your space.


 Lumber Wood 


120 and 220 grit sandpaper 

Latex black paint 


Puck Lights 

LED Strip

Round switch

Step 1

This project will need you to cut a lot of tools, and although you can manually cut them, it would be preferable to use a miter saw to make the cutting process faster. You can use the link provided to plan the amount of wood you’ll need and the size you will need to cut them. The link provided includes both, a king sized bed and a queen sized bed. 

Once you have cut all the wood needed to make the bed you can start sanding it. With the help of a 120 grit sandpaper you can start sanding the wood, since lumber is quite rough you will need to sand it more thoroughly, this process might be time consuming as you will need to repeat the process a couple of times. You will then need to finish it off by sanding the wood with some 220 grit sandpaper.

Step 2

Let's start with painting the bed frame, for this you will need some glossy latex black paint. To apply the paint you will need some high density paint roller, this will give you a good finish without needing to use a  paint sprayer. 

Step 3

For the back and headboard you will need to use some plywood. If the plywood you have is too short to be used as a headboard then you will need some plywood glue to attach two or more plywood till you get the size you need. You then will need to drill some pocket screws so that the plywood is attached more securely. Since the bed frame is painted black you can paint the bottom part of the headboard black, this will give it a more uniform look. 

Step 4

To assemble the other pieces to the headboard, you need to secure the headboard as the more wood you add to the headboard the heavier it will get to manually hold it. You then have to add lumber to the plywood, you can clamp it to the plywood before you start drilling it. Drill 2 screws headboard that are around 24 inches away from each other, this should be on either side of the lumber board. 

You can customize the headboard in a way that you prefer, since the headboard attracts a lot of attention it is best to personalize it to your taste. You will then have to finish it off by spreading some dark walnut Danish oil over the surface, the darker you want it to be the more layers of the oil that you will need to apply. 

Step 5

You can now start working on the floating night stand. You will need to cut out the junction box opening, you can use a jigsaw to do this, another alternative is to drill a couple of holes and chisel out the rest. 

You will need dowels to help you with the assembling process, dowels can be challenging to work with, you will need to be really precise with your markings. To attach the pieces of the night stand you will then need to apply a lot of glue on the holes, joints and dowels. You then need to clap the attached night stand as firmly as possible.    

The night stand will be placed an inch or two lower than the top of the bed. You will need to measure and mark the areas where the night stand will be placed and drill some holes to attach the night stand, you can then attach it, the night stand should be removable.. 

Step 6

You will then need to attach the switch. After you drill holes for the switch and the bottom light you can sand and apply some Danish oil to the night stand.

You then need to apply some polyethylene onto the headboard, then sand it and apply another layer of polyethylene onto the headboard. To apply the LED on the headboard you will need to screw some strips of wood along the back, this will not only be a space where you will attach the LED but will also prevent the electrical wire from touching the wall. Attach the electrical wire from one outlet to the other. You then need to attach the puck light at the bottom of the nightstand, you can do this by screwing the light into the wood. Connect the puck light to the switch.

Attach the LEDs to the headboard before screwing the wood into place. 

Step 7

To create a plug so that it can be plugged to the wall. You will need to cut an extension cord and use the wires to make the connection. You can connect the wires to the outlets. You then have to connect all of the wires to the terminal. You can then screw the headboard to the wall. 

Step 8

Moving on to the bed frame. To attach the bed frame together you will need some brackets. You then have to attach the support pieces to the frame. You will need to add two screws per connection point. 

You then have to attach the lip of the bed to the bed frame. Once everything is attached securely you can attach the bedframe to the headboard and attach some plywood into the bedframe. Place your mattress over it and you’ve built your own platform bed frame with floating night stands.

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