DIY a LED Table Lamp

Through this DIY you will be able to make your own contour lamp, the lamp is made with a base but it can be used without the base too. The lamp has an on and off switch which makes it easier for you to control it. The LED will give you a 120 degrees light spread making its surrounding even brighter. This can be the perfect gift, as it is practical, visually pleasing and easy to make. 


Oak plywood

Veneer sheet 



Step 1

For this project you will need some oak plywood, you will then have to clamp it so that it is easier to work with. Make sure that the corners of the plywood are straight, checking this at the beginning will make the cutting process easier. You then draw a square on the plywood, the length and width will depend on the size you want the lamp to be. 

You will then need to measure 3 inch on each corner and mark it, you then need to make an arch connecting the 3 inch marking, you can do this by playing a cylindrical object and then tracing it. Do this for all four corners of the square, giving it  rounded edges. You then have to cut the markings made. Once you are done cutting, you can start sanding the edges. You will have to repeat this process with 3 more plywood planks, the 4th plank can be of a thinner wood. You can use a router to duplicate the wood cut-out.  

Step 2

You will then need to draw a consistent line at the interior of the shape. Once you have carefully drawn the interior lines you can start cutting it. After cutting you will need to sand out the rough edges. Repeat the same on the other plank cut outs, to finish it faster you could place the 1st wood cut out over the 2nd one and trace the interior and so on. You will then tape both the wood cut-outs together, you can use some double sided tape for this, and sand their edges together. 

Step 3

Once you have all your wood cut out and sanded, you can glue them together. After gluing them you can clamp them together on all four sides, the glue might make the wood move a bit so make sure that all the wood cut-outs are uniformly attached. Leave it to dry up. 

Step 4

You will now need a veneer sheet to hide the rough edges of the interior. Cut a strip of veneer a little wider than the width of the lamp frame, you can trim the excess veneer after you stick it onto the frame. You can use an iron to press the sheet onto the frame and cut off the excess sheet with a utility knife. You can apply dome wood filler on the area where the veneer meets. This is also the area you will be attaching the LED to.

Step 5

You then need to place the LED over the area where the veneer joins. Right next to the LED you will have to drill a hole for the wire to pass through, you will have to drill 2 more holes of the LED to be mounted. . You then have to crave a channel on the outside to hide the wires of the LED, this can be done with a router or chisel. You can now insert the LED wires in the hole and screw the LED to the lamp frame. You glue the wire into the channel made. 

Step 6

You will now have to attach the switch to the lamp. To do this you will need to trace and chisel out the area for the switch, You will then need to to cut off the end of a 12v transformer and drill a hole next to the switch so for the wire, the hole will be angled right into the channel made earlier. You will then need to solder the positive wire of the transformer and LED to the legs of the switch.  You can put on a shrinking tube on each leg of the switch with the wire and shrink them. You can now insert the switch. You can now solder the other two wires together and use a shrinking tube. Fit the wires into the channel 

You will then need a strip of veneer on the exterior, making sure that the joints of this veneer meet at the bottom of the lamp. 

Your lamp is now complete, you can add a base for it if you want. 

Step 7

For the base you will need a block of wood, cut the edges to 45 a degree angle. And then cut out the middle so that the lamp can fit into it, make a cut out for the switch, sand it and spray some polyethylene over it and you're done!

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