DIY a Music Reactive LED Strip

Want to spice up your room? Or create a pleasant ambience while listening to music? this DIY is here to deliver, with pretty colours it creates a visually pleasing atmosphere. It is an absolute must for crating a fun party atmosphere.


WS2812B LED strip

Ardunio nano

Sound sensor

Male and female jumper

Shrink tube


Step 1

Take out the LED strip and solder a jumper wire to it.

Step 2

Slide in the shrink tube until it’s over the end that connects the wire to the LED strip. With a lighter carefully glaze over the shrink tube, this will let the shrink tube to perfectly wrap around the area like a glove.

Step 3

Insert the ardunio nano onto a breadboard.

Step 4

Take the other end of the jumper wire, this consists of three wires positive, Data and GND wires, and insert the positive wire into +5v, data wire into D6 and the GND wire into GND.

Step 5

Now take the sound sensor and insert another jumper wire into it, insert the other end of the jumper wire into the breadboard, positive into +5, GND into GND and out into A0

Step 6

Connect a USB cable into sound sensor and open the sketch on your device which is connected to the sound sensor.

Step 7

When the tab opens, click on the tools option and then select board and port. Now that you have everything set up play some music and enjoy your time.

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