DIY a Rust Removing Machine

Do you have heaps of rusted tools in your tool box and don’t know what to do with them? Getting rid them will disregard the purpose of valuable tools while at the same time removing the rust on each one of them individually can be a waste of time. Through this DIY you can built a machine that will get rid of the rust and the best part of this DIY is that most the materials needed are already available at your home.



Aluminium ring mould baking container




Quartz stones

Step 1

To begin with this project, you need a kitchen steel pot, flip the pot upside down and with a marker mark 3 dots, make sure that the dots are equally distanced from each other. Now apply little drops of oil on the surface and start drilling holes through the dots that were marked. Since the pot is stainless still it is better to keep the RPM of the drill really low to avoid creating a mess.

Step 2

Now you will need 3 spring and 6 bolts. Take a spring and a bolt, push the head of the bolt into the spring, this might be tough so you will need to exert some force while inserting the spring. Do the same by attaching another bolt head on the other side of the spring. Repeat the same procedure for the other 2 springs, where you attach the head of the bolt into the spring.

Step 3

Once you have successfully attached all the bolts to the spring you can start inserting them into the holes made on the flipped pot, secure them tightly with 3 nuts inside of the pot. Since the springs are flexible will move a lot, it is recommended to apply some strong glue on the nut to make it sturdier.  

Step 4

Next up you will need some aluminium cake baking container. Place the aluminium container on the 3 spring bolts and mark the area where the bolts touch the aluminium container, if you want to make this process less tedious you can apply a small amount of paint on the tip of the bolt and place the aluminium container on it, the paint will transfer on the aluminium container providing you with an easier alternative to identify the area where the bolt touches the aluminium container.   

You will now have to drill holes on the three markings made on the aluminium container. Place the aluminium container onto the bolts of the pot and check if the bolts fit into the drilled holes.

Step 5

Before you secure the aluminium container onto the bolts, you will need to built the structure for mounting. For this you will need a wood board. Place the aluminium container upside down on a wooden board and trace a circle on the inner part of the container. With a hacksaw cut out the circle on the wood, make sure to the wood is a little bit larger than the traced circle, as you want the wood cut out to fit into the inner circle of the aluminium without falling out

Step 6

Drill a hole at the centre of the wooden cut out with a foster bit, a foster bit is used as it is big enough to fit a motor that will be mounted later.

Insert a motor into the drilled hole. You can connect the motor to the wooden circle with the help of a glue gun and proceed to paint everything black. You can now insert the wooden circle with the motor into the aluminium container. With a glue gun attach the wooden circle to the aluminium container, be generous with the amount of glue that is being used as the machine will shake a lot.

Step 7

Drill 2 holes through the pot, one hole should be at the centre of the pot and the other one should be on the side, this is done so that you can pass through some cables through it. Solder one end of the cables to the motor and pass the other end through the holes in the pot. Make sure that the cables are loose so they can move freely.

Step 8

For this step you need six containers of tiny quartz stones, these as a perfect abrasive to get rid of rust. Pour the containers containing quartz stones into the aluminium container, it the stones halfway through the container and start the motor. If nothing is happening you will have to replace the motor for a much bigger one something that creates a lot of vibration. When you plug the motor, you need it to vibrate powerfully. Once you have got your machine and stones moving you can start dropping your rusted tools on the stones.

Let the machined run for 4 hours for best results. The use of this machine is not limited to rusted tools but can also be used to polish material like wood.

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