DIY a Tool Box 

Through this DIY you will be able to make a tool box so that you won't ever lose your tools or misplace them. 



Aluminium diamond sheets 



Aluminium angles 

Foam tape

Step 1

To begin with this project you will have to cut the aluminium sheet for your box, the length and breath of the box will depend on you. Your box should be in the shape of a rectangle, this is so that you can conveniently fit your tools into them, for this you will need two identical pieces to make up the sides of the box and two longer identical pieces to make up the front and back of the box. 

You can now take out the plywood, the length of the plywood should be the same as the front and back aluminium piece and the width of the plywood should be the same as the side aluminium pieces. Place the plywood at the centre of all the aluminium pieces, it will act as the base for your box, and start assembling them.  You can use some clamps to keep them in place.

Step 2

Next, you will need to make markings approximately  an inch and a half from the top, these markings should be made on all sides of the box. You then have to make another marking as half inch from the side of the box, this marking should be made right at the end of the first marking, do the same for all the sides of the box. 

You will then have to drill  holes in all the areas where both the lines intersect with each other. Then you will place an aluminium angle and place it in the corner, you can use a clamp to keep the angle in place. 

You will now have to drill another hole into the same previously drilled hole, this time you will drill it through the aluminum angle. Make sure to then drill a larger hole at the same place to insert a quarter inch bolt. Since there could be interference where both the bolts will meet, you will need to insert a bolt on one side and thread the other side. 

Step 3

Once the top screws are done you can flip the box and work on the bottom screws. For this you will need to place another aluminium angle along the short side of the box, this way you can then attach the box to the plywood. The bolts for the bottom part of the box need to be longer. 

Once you have screwed everything you will need to file the bolts so that they won't be sticking out and no one gets hurt. Tighten the bolts to secure the box.

You then have to attach another aluminium angle at the long side of the box, you can attach some double stick foam tape  and attach it to the plywood with some threaded bolts. You can then clam the bottom part so that it sticks to the foam tape. 

Step 4

You can now start building the lid for the toolbox, for the top you will need a plank of wood and with the same size corresponding to the box. If you find the top to be too plain you carve some space for the aluminium sheet. You will need some strips of wood which you will be attaching to the lid, these strips will go on all four sides of the lid and therefore need to be cut to their appropriate sizes, they should have 45 degrees cut on each side . Apply some glue and attach them to the main lid plank. 

Step 5

Now you can start attaching the hinges to the box. You will need two hinges, one on each side. Before you attach the hinge to the lid you will need to tape the lid to the box so that it doesn't move during the attaching process. Remove the tape and attach the handles to the sides. 

You can then make a tool holder by drilling holes into one side of the aluminium angle and sticking the other side on the inside of the box. 

Step 6

Once you are satisfied with everything you can start sanding the lid, and attach the diamond aluminium sheet on the top, you may need to clamp the pieces to the wood for it to sit in place. You can attach a magnetic latch to the box. You can add other features to the box, like Velcro to keep the tools attached to the lid. 

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