DIY a vacuum cleaner

Are you in need of a vacuum cleaner? Buying a vacuum cleaner can be quite expensive or you may not need it for daily use and so deem it unnecessary to buy one, however, cleaning without a vacuum cleaning is quite taxing and time consuming. Through this DIY you can build your own vacuum cleaner and the materials needed for it are easily available, through this you can have your cleaning process over in no time.


Empty container

12v DC fan

Power jack socket

Steel wire

Pen refills

Ball pins




12v DC power adaptor

Step 1

To begin building a vacuum cleaner you need an empty container, the container should have a lid that can be remover and well has it should be made of a material that is easy to cut into, a plastic storage container will work perfectly for this.

Step 2

Take the lid off the container and now you will need a 12v DC fan. Place the DC fan over the lid of the container and with a marker trace the DC fan onto the lid of the container, and mark four dots on the areas where the screws will be placed. Once you have the outline traced you can start cutting the traced area out, next you can punch holes on the dots marked this is where you will screw the fan. Now you can bring back the DC fan and fix it onto the lid of the container, you can do this by unscrewing the screws of the DC fan and take out the guard and place the lid on the fan, then you will have to place the guard over the lid and screw the fan to the guard.

Step 3

Next, you will need to attach a power jack socket. You will need to take out the power jack socket and solder it to the wires of the DC fan. Apply glue on one end of the power jack socket and attach it to the edge of the lid of the container.

Step 4

You will need to bring back the empty container and then take a steel wire. Place the wire in the box and bend it out to a square shape to fit inside the container and cut off any excess wire. You can use the picture provided as reference. Solder the ends of the wire to attach them together.

Step 5

For this step you will need a piece of net, the size of the net should be a bit bigger than the steel wire. Place the square steel wire over the net, once you are comfortable with the placement you can take out the square steel wire and apply glue on all four sides. Once you have applied glue on the wire you will quickly have to place the net over the wire and cut out the excess net, however, you still need to keep a fair amount of net.

Place the square steel wire that is attached to the net into the container and with the help of a glue gun you can glue the edges to the wire to the container, make sure to apply glue on both the sides of the wire.  

Step 6

Now, you will need two pen refills, carefully pierce through the tip of the refill with a ball pin, do the same to the other refill. Keep them aside for now and pierce two wholes at the bottom of the container, the holes should be parallel to each other, this is for the wheel for the vacuum so that it can move around and does not have to be picked up to each different areas while cleaning. Bring back the empty refills and insert them into the wheels. Once you have done that you can insert them into the holes pierced at the bottom of the container. With the help of a glue gun, you can attach the refills to the container.

Step 7

Next, you will need a washing basin pipe, you can use a pipe that can be stretched out. Place the end of the pipe on the container and with a maker trace the pipe on the container. You will then need to cut the traced-out part and with the help of a glue gun, apply glue on the mouth of the pipe and then attach the pipe firmly to the container, apply more glue on the pipe to ensure that the pipe is secured onto the container. You are almost done with your vacuum.

The last part to complete building your vacuum cleaner is to cut out the tip of the other end of the pipe, the cut out should be done diagonally, this is so that it is easier for the vacuum to suck in the waste. You will need a 12v DC power adaptor to get your vacuum cleaner to activate. You are now done with building your very own vacuum cleaner and can test it out.

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