DIY an Outdoor Dining Table

Having an outdoor dining table is a great way to spice up hang out sessions with family and friends. Having a meal outdoors with your family provides a cozy atmosphere and can create a lively interactive atmosphere than sitting indoors. A change in environment could make the food taste even better. Through this article you can understand how to make your own outdoor dining table, making your own table is much more cost efficient and can also be an activity you complete with your family. 


2 by 8 Southern yellow pine 

2 by 12 Southern yellow pine 


The stain I used (smaller can)

Stain Brush 

Spar Urethane (Clear Coat) 

Large brush

Wood Glue 

(2) Aluminium bar 8ft

Liquid Nails Fuze

Step 1

For this project you will  need to cut a lot of wood, and while you could use a circular saw to cut the wood, a miter saw would make the wood cutting process much easier. The size of the wood being cut will depend on the size of the table you want. Once you have cut all the wood pieces, you will then need to glue them together, this could be done with the help of some water resistant wood glue. You will have to screw the ends as you glue them. 

Except for the top, all the other wood used for the project are some 2 by 8 southern yellow pine. You will first need to glue and assemble the table apron. You can then secure the apron with some clamps till the glue dries up.

Step 2

While the apron is left to dry up, you can start making the legs. For the leg piece, you will need to make a mark on the area that needs to be cut off. The area that will be cut off will be where the leg will be attached to the table. You could use a hand saw or a band saw or a jigsaw to cut off the area. 

You then need to apply glue on the legs and attach them onto the apron. You need to make sure that the legs are straight when they are attached to the apron. Once you have made sure that the legs are straight from all the sides then you can start screwing them. 

You can then attach a support at the centre of the table. And then add smaller pieces along the support.

If you are happy with the thickness of the legs then you can attach some more pieces of wood, with the same length and width as the original leg and glue them on the original leg. Lastly you will have to sand all the areas. 

Step 3

For the top, you will need to centre the entire top on the table frame and then remove everything except the first piece of lumber, the top will be made of 3 pieces of 2 by 12 and a couple pieces cut two 2 by 2. The 2 by 2 is where the aluminium will be fixed. You will first need to place one 2 by 12 piece on the table and then followed by a 2 by 2 piece. You can attach brackets at the bottom of the 2 by twelve piece and screw and glue both the pieces together and to the supports. Continue doing this for the rest of the pieces for the top.

You can make some benches for the table if you want, you will need a piece of wood and 2 leg pieces, glue the leg pieces to the top wood and use brackets to attach them more securely. You will then need to attach supports on both sides of the bench  

Step 4

You can fill in any gap with some saw dust and then start sanding it, you will have to use different sandpaper for the surface. You can apply some espresso stain onto the wood. You can paint the benches too. You will then need a protective coat of spar urethane all over the surface, you will need at least 3 coats of this. 

You then have to install the aluminium bars,  you can do this with the help of some liquid nails. You have now built your own outdoor dining table.

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