DIY an Ultraviolet Facemask

Wearing the same mask everyday can be quite boring, through this DIY you can build an ultraviolet mask that not only keeps you safe but also can make you look chic. Putting on this face mask will make you feel like you in a Si-fi movie.


Plexiglas pipe

UV LED light

Rubber band

DC fan

Step 1

To begin with this project, you will need a transparent pipe, you can use a pipe made of Plexiglas, the pipe being used should be 5*50cm. Take out a measuring tape and draw a marking at the centre of the pipe, now with a ruler mark two dots on either side of the marking made at the centre, the dots should be 9cm away from the centre marking. Drill two holes on the dots that were marked, you can do this with the help of a drill bit. The holes that were drilled will be used to mount the rubber bands for the mask.

Step 2

Now we will have to bend the pipe, you can use a heat gun for this, however, it is relatively easy for the pipe to be damaged during this process, to prevent that you can roll up a cloth and stuff it inside at the centre of the pipe where the makings were made. It is necessary to prevent squishing the pipe as it would restrict the airflow of the mask. Now with a heat gun you can start heating up the pipe, the process of heating the pipe up evenly will take you about 8 minutes.

Step 3

You will now need a mannequin head, this does not necessarily need to be a mannequin head it can be any surface you feel that can replicate the shape of a face as it will be used to bend the pipe to form a mask shape for your face. Place the centre of the heated up pipe on the mannequin head and start bending it by applying pressure on both the sides of the pipe. Once you are done bending it you can take out the cloth and place it on your face to see it is comfortable enough.  

Step 4

When you place it on your face, with the help of a marker you can trace a rough shape of your nose and mouth. Now place the pipe down and neatly trace the shape on the other side of the mask, this is for your nose and mouth to comfortably fit in the mask. Once you are done tracing you can drill the traced-out part and cut it out. With a filer you can smoothen out the sharp and rough parts. Then proceed to place it on your face to see if the cut out is comfortable. Be careful while doing this as you don’t want to cut yourself.

Step 5

Since the pipe is too long you will need to adjust it to your face. Place the pipe on your face and mark the area near your ears and cut the excess pipe, do not throw way the excess pipe as you will need them later in this project.  

Step 6

Now you will need 2 UV light LED strips, just a side note that these strips are not germicidal or anti-viral as using an effective UV is very dangerous as it can cause burns. You will now have to open the LED strips by removing the bottom caps where you’ll see the connector which you will need later. Remove the inner strip where you’ll see the LED mounted. The LED is mounted on an aluminium base which makes it easy to bend it. With your thumb bend the LED in a circular shape so they can be placed inside the mask. Make sure that everything fits perfectly before you fix the LED inside 

Fix the LED lights on both sides of the mask.

Step 7

Take out 2 DC fans with the diameter of 5cm, the size of this fan is perfect as it can fit the pipe flawlessly, if your fan doesn’t fit in perfectly, you can use glue to keep them in place. Mount the fans on either side of the pipe, and with your fingers push the fan inside until it reaches the LED strips.

Step 8

Take the connector you took apart from the LED strip and fix it on the edge of the pipe on both the sides. You can use this connector to power both the LED and the fan, where you can solder the wires together.

Step 9

Next, we will need a USB power bank, the power bank should have two outputs. Use a USB cable to connect the both the fans and LED strips and power it on. Once you connect you will be able to see the fan spin. Make sure that wires are connected properly for this to work. You can then move on to using a black tape, wrap it around the pipe to cover the fans and LED, this is done for aesthetic purpose.

Step 10

You will need a rubber band so that you can wear the mask. For this you will need to insert two elastic bands into the two holes made during step one, the elastic can be a few inches long. Take a broad rubber band and sew it on the elastic band.

Step 11

Take out a generic face mask that is locally available, detach the mask from the elastic bands   and you will also need the pipe tube that was cut during step 5 over the face mask, cut the pipe so that they fit the into the UV mask more easily. Place the piper over the mask and cover the pipe with the mask, use some tape of the mask to stay in place, this will act as the filters. Once done with this mount it in the UV mask.

You are done building your own UV mask, you can test it out and it’s all ready to be used.

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