DIY Artistic LED Room Décor

This DIY will show you how to create aesthetic LED lighting using an acrylic sheet. This can be used to spice up your room or elevate its ambiance. The sheer simplicity of this DIY will have you spending all your time creating multiple acrylic LED lighting. In this DIY we will be making Ironman’s mask however can customize it to create whatever you prefer.


MDF board

LED strip

12-volt DC jack

Acrylic sheet

Step 1

For the first step, you will need to take out an MDF board and cut it out in a rectangle with the length being 4cm and the width being 16cm. Place it down and tape out a 12-volt LED strip, the strip should be as long as the MDF board that was cut out. Peel off the sticker of the LED and place it carefully in the centre of the MDF cut out board.

Step 2

For this step, you will need a 12-volt DC jack, glue it to the edge of the MDF cut out, right next to the LED strip that was placed, make sure you use a strong glue for this. Once you are done gluing the DC jack to the MDF you will need a generic wire. Solder one end of the wire to the end of the LED strip and the other end of the wire to the DC jack, make sure to be safe during the soldering process. Make sure that the wire is properly soldered to the DC jack as it could be a tricky part.

Step 3

Next, you will need to take the MDF out again, this time you will need 2 rectangle cut outs, the cut outs should be 15*1.5. After this you will need two more MDF cut outs, these cut outs should be 4*2, make sure your cut outs are as accurate as possible. Place the MDF with the LED strip in the middle, with the 15*1.5 cut outs on either side of this and the 4*2 cut outs at the top and bottom of it.

Apply glue on the edges of the MDF that is places in the middle, which is the MDF with the LED strip, and attach the 13*1.5 cut out on it, repeat this gluing process for all the cut outs except the one that will be placed near the DC jack, for this side you will need to outline the DC jack area and with the help of a drilling machine drill a hole into the outlined part, after you have drilled a hole you can then continue gluing it to the MDF. Make sure the hole placed on the DC jack. You can add more on the area where the two cut outs meet just to make use the it is secured in place. Creating a kind of open box like structure.

Step 4

For this step you will need yet another MDF board, you will need to cut the board in a rectangle shape and cut out should be 17*4, make sure your cut out is accurate to the measurements, once you are done cutting out the board, with the help of a ruler you can create a marking at the centre of the cut out, then using your marking as a reference you have to draw line along the rectangle cut out. You will need to cut the 17*4 cut out from the middle, where the line was draw. You can now begin gluing them at the top of the box. One you are done gluing you will notice that there is a small gap at the top of the box, this is for the acrylic sheet to fit in.

Step 5

Next up you need an acrylic sheet, that is 3mm. Place the acrylic sheet down and take off the sticker, once you have done that you will be left with a transparent acrylic sheet. On a sheet of paper, preferably the same size as the acrylic sheet, draw a neat outline of Ironman’s mask. Place the acrylic sheet over the paper, make sure the outline is visible through the acrylic sheet, now flip both the acrylic sheet and the paper and tape the paper to the acrylic sheet, again make sure that the outline is facing the front, and tape the ends of the paper to the acrylic sheet.

Step 6

Now, you will need a sharp tool, it can be anything that can be using to trace the outline of the mask on the acrylic sheet. Once you have found your desired outcome you can start tracing the online of Ironman’s mask on the acrylic sheet, make sure to take your time while doing this and do not rush to finish it fast. Once you are done with that you can take out the paper. You will see the outline of the Ironman’s mask on the acrylic sheet more clearly.

Step 7

Insert a 12-volt supply into the hole made for the DC jack during step 3. Place the acrylic sheet on the gap that was constructed at the top of the box, doing this should light up your outline giving it a very visually pleasing look.

You can personalize this DIY to create something you prefer, you can experiment with different lighting options and the shapes of the acrylic to give it a more aesthetic look.

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