DIY Electric Lighter

If you’re looking for a DIY that could be put to use on a daily base, this is the article for you. The best part of this DIY is that you don’t need to be well versed with the materials that make up a lighter, with the link provided you can access all the materials you’ll be needing to built the lighter all you need to do is assemble them with the help of this article.


D880 transmitter



Push button

18650 li-ion battery

Use the link provided to buy the material.

Step 1

Take out your D880 transmitter and bend the base, collector and emitter pinout at a 90-degree angle, make sure to be careful while doing this.

Step 2

Place the transmitter onto the PCB and with the help of tweezers screw it on, you can use a nut to secure it in place.  

Step 3

Use the available diode. Bend it and place it on the PCB and solder it at the back.

Step 4

Use a resistor, bend it and place it on the PCB, solder it as well.

Step 5

Use the capacitor, make sure that the polarity is accurate according to the marking on the PBC and fix it to it.

Step 6

Use the terminal, this is used for power and insert it into the PCB.

Step 7

The last thing needed is a transformer, insert the wires onto the board as firmly as possible, make sure that the wires are not damaged in the process. You can use a cable tie to hold it more firmly, solder all the wires at the back of the PCB

Step 8

Once you have attached all the materials precisely on the board, you need to connect the battery wires to the terminal, keep in mind that the lighter runs on 3-5 volts.

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