DIY LED gaming light

Is your gaming space looking too simple and plain? Today we have got a DIY for you to jazz up your gaming space! We’re going to make a LED light with minimal materials. Read more to find out how this is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Wood

2.      LED lights

3.      Glue

4.      Spray paint


Let’s get started with this DIY project!


Step 1:

Take a large piece of wood and draw the shape that resembles the outline of the superman logo on it with a marker and a ruler. You can check the image given below for reference. Using a woodcutter carefully cut the shape out. You could sand the edges after cutting the wood if you want to eliminate rough edges and get a smoother finish.

Step 2:

Next, you need to cut five small pieces of wood. These pieces will form the frame of the superman logo on which the LED lights will be connected so cut the pieces after measuring the sides. Make sure that the wood pieces are a little shorter than the actual length of the edge. Once the pieces have been cut, stick them in place with some glue and leave them aside to dry.

Step 3:

After this is done, spray paint the whole structure of wood with some black paint. While the black paint is drying, print out the superman logo and cut it out. Stick the printed logo on the top of the wood structure and use some white spray paint to paint between the lines. Take off the printout after you are done with using the white spray paint. You could use a black marker to erase any mistakes you had made while using the white spray paint so that you get sharp edges and a clean finish.

Step 4:

Next, take a strip of ARGB LED lights and cut them to the appropriate length. Cut a small opening in the wooden frame which we had glued at the back of our wooden front in one of the previous steps. Start by inserting the LED lights into this opening and go all the way around the whole frame. Stick both the ends of the LED lights so that the ends aren’t let loose. Also, stick the control of the LED lights at the center of the frame at the back of the wooden piece and connect it to a power source.

Step 5:

You can either control the lights manually by clicking on the button given on the control box or you could even control the lights by using the LED hue app. After downloading this app, connect the LED lights to your phone and see the magic happen in front of your eyes. With this app, you can control the colors, speed, and intensity of the LED lights among many other features.

Your LED gaming light is now complete! Although in this DIY we have shown you how to make a superman LED sign, you could use this DIY to make any kind of sign you want depending on what you like. After all, it is your gaming space and DIY projects are unique because they can be personalized. Put this up in your gaming space and enjoy your latest creation!

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