DIY LED plexiglass night light

Do you want a subtle yet beautiful night light for your room but the ones in the market are too expensive and basic? This DIY is just for you! Make your very own unique LED plexiglass nightlight which is completely different and unique from anything you’ll find in the market. What are you waiting for? Read more to find out how it's made!

Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      12mm thick piece of MDF

2.      1mm thick wooden square measuring 12x12 centimeters

3.      Veneered sheet

4.      Two plexiglass sheets

5.      DC 12v adaptor

6.      2 short wire strands

7.      Two-core thin wire (a cable from an old set of headphones would work great)

You'll also require the following equipment:

1.      A saw with fine teeth,

2.      a sharp knife,

3.      a right-angle ruler, a metal ruler, and a pencil

4.      Cinch

5.      Some wood glue and a brush to apply it, as well as some silicon-based glue (but a glue gun would suffice).

6.      Soldering iron

7.      a pair of wire strippers and a pair of scissors

8.      Drill

9.      Finishing oil


Let’s get started with this DIY project!


Step 1:

Draw a diagonal line that divides the hardwood into two. Draw two equidistant parallel lines which are 2.5 cm from the first line.

Step 2:

Cut down the two outer lines with a fine saw and you will end up with a hardwood piece that looks like the one given in the picture given below. You can additionally also sand the edges to give it a smoother finish.

Step 3:

Place the hardwood piece that we just cut in the previous step on the MDF board and line it up with the corner. Use a pencil to mark the obtuse angles and draw a square using these markings.

Step 4:

Divide the small square diagonally and cut out the two pieces so that you’re left with two triangles. These pieces will form the base support.

Step 5:

Take the two pieces of plexiglass and cut them in whichever shape you desire. Place these on the hardwood and trace out the bottom where you would like your LED lights to fit.

Step 6:

Cut out the two sockets in which your plexiglass will fit using a sharp tool carefully. Make sure that you don’t make the socket too large so that the plexiglass doesn’t fall through. You must also place an additional piece of wood underneath the hardwood so that you don’t scratch the surface below. Once the sockets are done, take some wood glue and stick on the base triangles that we had cut out earlier from the MDF. Your base should look like the one given in the picture below.

Step 7:

Next, you need to cut two lengths of MDF to fill the sides and glue them in place on the bottom of the hardwood.

Step 8:

Cut a piece of veneer to cover the edges of the base to give it a sharper finished look. Once you’ve cut the veneer, apply some wood glue to the insides and leave it to dry for an hour or two till the glue is semi-dry. Then, place the veneer on the base of the hardwood and using a hot iron, carefully iron down the veneer to the base.

Step 9:

We need to add some finishing oil to make the wood glossy. You’ll need to apply at least five coats to give it the desired finish. Don’t apply too much at once and wait at least five hours before you apply the next coat of finishing oil.

Step 10:

Now comes the fun part! Let’s work on our LED lights. Cut the LED lights carefully into two sets of three.

Step 11:

Solder the wires to the LED lights carefully. Connect all the LED strips together using the wires while keeping the polarity correct.

Step 12:

Apply some glue to the LED lights and carefully stick the shards of plexiglass to the lights.

Step 13:

Drill a small hole at the back of the hardwood base and thread the core wires through it.

Step 14:

Carefully push the shards of plexiglass through the slots and apply some glue to the base near the LED lights to secure them in place. Leave it to dry for a while.

Step 15:

Now the last step is to connect the core wires to the 12-volt DC adapter power source.

Your LED plexiglass night light is now complete! Show off your creation to your friends and family or keep it on your bedside table as the ideal night light!

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