DIY Slingshot in 5 minutes

Searching for a fun DIY to keep you company when you’re bored? Or something fun to play with your friends, this DIY slingshot is what you need, with easy to find materials and a few minutes to spare you’ve got yourself a homemade slingshot that promises a fun time.


Bamboo culm

Small Bamboo rod

Rubber band


Piece of cloth

Drill holes on the bamboo

Take out the Bamboo culm and drill a hole through the bamboo culm, the hole can be around 2 inches away from the top. The hole should be big enough to fit the small bamboo rod, however, it should not be too big either, or else the bamboo rod will slip through, defeating the purpose of the DIY.

Drill another hole on the other side of the bamboo, this should give you a total of 4 holes on the bamboo culm.

Cut a strip of the bamboo

Cut out two vertical strip, facing opposite of each other, of the bamboo, from the top of the bamboo to the hole that was drilled earlier, make sure the strip that is being cut is a bit smaller than the hole that was drilled.

Clean up the bamboo culm

 You can now start peeling the skin of the bamboo culm, this can be done with the help of a sharp knife or blade. This will give it a clean look.

Create the slingshot

For this you’ll need a wide rubber band, you can even use a special slingshot rubber band for a more precise shot. Tie each end to the piece of cloth and slide it through the cut-out strip and into the hole.

Insert Bamboo rod

The rod that is being used should have a hole through it, the hole should be big enough to fit your arrow. Insert the bamboo rod into the other bamboo holes, the rod should pass in between the rubber band, this will keep the rubber band in place.

Ready for use

Slide the arrow into the bamboo rod and pull the rubber band along with the arrow, aim and shoot!

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