DIY Star Wars waterfall table with LED lights

Need a new coffee table for your house? If you’re a big Star Wars fan this table is going to be perfect for you. But even if you aren’t, this could be a great addition to your house. This table is made with a seamless design that has never been seen before. If you’re interested then read more to find out how it is made.

Products needed for this DIY project:
HP50 concrete mix
Acrylic polymer
Glass fiber
Epoxy resin
High-performance epoxy
LED lights
Step down converter
LED controller
Biscuit cutter
Wood sanding machine
X-Carve CNC

Before we start the project, we would just like to give you an overview of how this DIY project is going to be made. It consists of two parts: a concrete top with expect inlays and LED lights and a wood base. You can see a rough digital diagram of our DIY project in the image attached below.

Now that the basics are clear, let’s get started with our DIY project!

Step 1:
First, we need to work on making the frame which will be used as a mold to make the concrete structure of our super cool Star Wars waterfall table. As you would’ve already seen in the diagram given above, the concrete part is one long top piece and one small side piece. So, for the base we’ll require exactly that: one long piece of wood and one small piece for the top and side respectively cut to the size that you want your table to be. We can connect these two pieces by screwing them together. We also need to outline the border of the whole wood structure with a small piece of wood that will be equal to the depth of the concrete layer so that the concrete doesn’t just flow out when we put it in the mold. To give it some extra support you can even put additional pieces behind the side piece of wood.

Step 2:
Now it’s time to make the mold for the epoxy and LED lights part of the concrete, that is, the light bars. For this, we will be using a large piece of foam and an X-Carve CNC machine. You need to first use Fusion 360 or any other application of your choice to make a layout of the light bars. After you’re satisfied with your layout, export it to an SVG file and then send it to your X-Carve machine to start the carving process. Once the foam bits have been carved to your liking, using the layout as a reference stick the foam bits to our wooden mold wherever you want your light bars to be using some spray adhesive. The last thing you need to do before your mold is ready is to put caulk along all the inner edges of the mold and peel off the excess.

Step 3:
It’s finally time to start pouring our concrete now that our wooden mold is ready! Before you start you obviously need to prepare your concrete mixture for which you will need to mix water, acrylic polymer, and HP 50 concrete mix. This is the first layer of cement that simply has to be sprayed all over the mold. To make the thick concrete mixture all you have to do is take the mixture you made earlier and add some glass fiber into it so that it gives it a good hold. Put this cement all over the mold and then flatten it out so that you have a smooth even layer. Once the cement has been poured and packet covers it with some plastic and a sheet of foam. The foam retains the heat which will speed up the curing process and the plastic will hold the moisture in which will prevent the concrete from becoming weaker because of the fast cure.

Step 4:
Once the concrete has dried, using a screwdriver remove all the foam bits from the concrete. Any remaining bits of foam can be removed using some acetone which will dissolve the foam. After this is done, using a sanding machine, carefully sand the whole layer of concrete so that it has a smooth finish.

Step 5:
Now it’s time to pour the epoxy into the spaces in the concrete. To make the epoxy mixture you need to mix some high-performance epoxy and epoxy resin. Once the mixture is made, gently pour it into all the spaces. Once the base is done you can turn it to pour the epoxy into the side waterfall part. Make sure that the epoxy of the base has dried before you do this. You can even put two layers of epoxy: one white base layer and a clear layer so that it’s stronger. You can use a blow torch to go over the epoxy so that it dries faster. This layer of epoxy is perfect to diffuse the LED lights and gives it a glass-like appearance. Once the epoxy dries you need to remove the concrete from the mold and sand the whole concrete surface.

Step 6:
Let’s work on the most interesting part of this DIY project: the LED lights! Measure each epoxy section and cut the LED lights to fit each section. By doing a whole lot of soldering, connect the wires of all the individual LED lights so that it becomes one long strip. Insert this into the epoxy spaces using some 3D printed clips that just snap onto the LED strip and pressure inside the spaces.
We will be using batteries to power up the LED lights. The LED lights require 5 volts to function so if your batteries are of a higher voltage than that then first you need to connect your battery holder with the batteries in it to a step-down converter which is connected to a LED controller which is connected to the LED lights.

Step 7:
Now that the top concrete layer of our Star Wars waterfall table is complete let’s start working on the bottom wood structure.
For this, we will need about eight pieces of wood cut to length. The idea is that we connect four of these pieces to form the base and the fifth piece will form the side waterfall part of our table and the last three wooden pieces will form the leg on the other side of our table. It is advised that you sand down all the pieces of wood before putting the whole structure together.
You could chamfer the edges of the wood pieces so that it gives an appearance that the concrete top is floating.
You can connect all the base pieces using a biscuit cutter, some biscuits, and some glue. This should hold all the pieces together pretty well. Remember or leave a space in the center for the electronics.
To connect the side waterfall piece, we’ll be using the same biscuit cutting method and glue application but in addition to this, one of the edges of both the base and side waterfall piece needs to be cut to a forty-five-degree angle.
For the leg of the other side of our table, start by connecting two pieces of wood to the edges of one piece. Using the same biscuit cutting and glue application method, attach this piece to the other end of the table.
Leave the whole structure aside to dry. You can even put some clamps to ensure that everything is held in place while it’s drying. Now all you have to do is to apply a fine layer of the wood finish to bring out the natural color of the wood.

Step 8:
For the final step, cut a scrap piece of wood into small thin strips using a woodcutter. Paint the edges of these wood strips black to make it look like the concrete is floating. Screw these thin wood strips onto the top of the main wooden structure. Once this is done, place the concrete structure on the table and then the wood structure on top of that but make sure that both these pieces are upside down. Using some concrete screws and a drill, connect these two pieces. Don’t forget to connect the side waterfall part too, we don’t want to leave that hanging.

Your Star Wars waterfall table with LED lights is now complete! After playing around with multiple components and materials we’ve finally made it! This table will surely be the star attraction of your house. When you have guests over, watch the amazement on their faces when you say that you’ve made the table all by yourself. Enjoy your latest creation!

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