DIY Your Own Toilet Paper Splitting Machine

The constant need to buy new toilet paper can be frustrating, especially since it is a necessity and is most probably being used on a daily basis, this can, not only be financially taxing but can also lead to a wastage of paper, seeing that you’ve clicked on this article you’re probably searching for a solution or you’re interested in constructing something for a project.

This DIY project of building a machine that splits the layers of the toilet paper is the perfect solution and can be easily built at home. If you’ve watched ‘The Office’ you’re probably familiar with what a toilet paper slitting machine is, but to those who aren’t, it is a way to separate the layers of paper used to make up a toilet paper sheet. The most commonly used toilet paper is a 2 ply one which consists of 2 layers, this can lead to a lot of paper wastage if not used correctly.

Material needed

Cutting board/ Plank of wood

This is something that is easily available in your locality, however a wooden copping board available on amazon will be perfect as they are designed to be sturdy but light enough to be able to carry it around with ease.

2 unachieved paint rollers

Make sure to pay attention to the paint roller frame. The rollers that is to be used while constructing this DIY should have a cage, this cage will help with the spinning process while separating the toilet paper, these can be easily found of flipkart.

A metal spike

The metal spike must have a smooth surface as it will be used to guide the separation process.

Long rubber band

Glue gun

Door hook

The ‘Over-the-door single hook’ door hook available on amazon is perfect for this DIY.

How is it Made?

This article will help you build your very own ‘Toilet Paper Splitting Machine’ through a step by step process.

Use the cutting board as a base

The cutting board or plank of wood can act as a base for your machine, using wood not only serves as a sturdy base but also makes it easier to move around when needed without causing inconvenience while using it, it is a material that can be easily manipulated.  

Tape the paint rollers

Place the unachieved rollers at the edge of the cutting board, use a broad strap of duct tape to keep it in place, make sure that the rollers are secured meticulously, do the same for the 2nd paint roller, make sure both the rollers are 6 inches apart from each other, this will make the toilet paper separation process easier. The paint rollers will act as a spindle for the toilet paper. Clamps can be used as an alternative to duct tape, they promise a stronger and have a more secure hold on the rollers, however using clamps will position the paint roller closer to the edge of the board.

Drill a hole for toilet paper mount

After securing the paint rollers, measure the width of the board, mark the center and drill a hole in the board, it is not necessary to drill a hole completely through the board. The the hole that is drilled should be 8 inches away from the paint rollers. *Make sure you’re wearing safety googles while drilling a hole in the wood*

Insert metal rod

After drilling the hole, insert the metal rod in it, this does not have to be a metal rod it could be a screwdriver, or any other sturdy handle available, this will be used to hold the toilet paper in place, make sure that the width of the metal is wide enough to prevent any uncomfortableness while the toilet paper is rolling.

Use large rubber band

For the spindles to function, you will need a large rubber band, this will get the spindle to spin. Slide the rubber band at the base of the rollers, flatten it out for a comfortable spin and make sure that the rubber band does not slip.

Use glue to secure it

To brace the band more securely without there being any slip ups while using it in the future, apply some glue above the band, this can be done by using a glue gun, this creates a wall that prevents the band from slipping up.

Use some double-sided tape

For the next step you will need 2 empty toilet paper rolls, stick a strap of double-sided tape along the roll and place them on both the spindles, it is recommended to use double sided tape over regular duct tape as it could tear the toilet paper.

Separate the toilet paper

Once everything is set up, carefully unravel and separate the layers of the toilet paper, be cautious of not tearing the paper during this process, attach each layer on to double-sided tape on the spindles. Spin the spindle to make sure that the paper is securely attached to it.

Insert a metal spike

Use a metal spike to locate the area where the toilet paper starts separating, this is a crucial part as the paper could tear midway if the spike is not placed correctly, spin the spindle a couple of times to confirm that the paper is separating in a natural manner, once you find a perfect area, drill a hole in the board and fix the spike in it. Give it a test run to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Attach door hook

The final step is to attach a door hook to the cap of the spindle, this will act as a handle for you to spin, providing a convenient way to separate the toilet paper.

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