DIY a Drill Powered Hammer

If you find yourself in a situation with not many hands to help you hammer your project, or you’re just tired after a long day working with the hammer, well this DIY has got you covered. This DIY uses a drill to wield your hammer.



Wood blocks

Plank of wood

Long rubber band

Step 1

Drill a hole into the hammer, around 3 inches away from end of the handle, drill another hole right at the centre of the handle.

Next, you’ll need four blocks of wood, 2 blocks should be of the same height, the height of the first 2 blocks should not be significantly larger than the height of the hole drilled into the handle.  

Step 2

The third block of wood needs to be smaller than the first 2 as it will help keep the first 2 blocks in place and the gap is where your hammer will be fixed, make sure the width of the third block is not smaller than the handle of your hammer.

The third block should be places at the base and with the help of a drill, screw the first 2 blocks to the third block, drill a hole parallel to each other in the first 2 blocks of wood, this is will be where the hammer will be placed.

Step 3

Place the hammer between the first 2 blocks and pass a long screw between the 2 blocks of wood and hammer, test out to see if the hammer can move easily.

Step 4

With the help of a compass map out a circle on the plank of wood, use a ruler and with a pen draw a long line cutting the circle vertically in half. And draw another line cutting the circle horizontally in half, after this draw two more diagonal lines. Take a ruler and map out a shape as shown in the picture, one half of the circle should be cut exactly around the circle mapped out by the compass, while the other half should gradually increase. Drill a hole at the centre of the circle.

Step 5

Use 2 blocks of wood, place the longer one vertically and the shorter as the base and screw them together. Drill a hole at the centre of the vertical block of wood, place the cut out of the circle and insert a screw between them.

Step 6

You’ll need some more blocks of wood, for this block of wood you’ll need the head of a sledge hammer to mark and cut out the centre of the block, drill 2 holes horizontally on either side of the circle, this will be screwed into the main base of your project, make sure that the circle is directly under the hammer, now use a sledge hammer head and place it into the hole.

Step 7

Drill a nail halfway into the handle of the hammer, make sure a part of the nail is still peeking out, this is done to avoid the rubber band from slipping down. Place the rubber band around the handle of the hammer and screw the ends to the base.

Step 8

Insert the drill into the nail of the circle mapped out earlier, cut out some more wood that will act as a resting base for the drill, screw this block of wood to the main base. Securely strap the drill to it’s resting base and your done!

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