Easy way to DIY a slip and slide

Want to beat the summer heat? Through this article you will be able to make your very own slip and slide, and a big one at that. This 100ft slip and slide will allow not only you but also your family and friends a fun time. The best part about this DIY is that you can customize the slide to a convenient size.


PVC pipe

CPVC pipe

Snap tee



Pool noodles

Step 1

You will need to make a spray bar for the slide, this is done so that the spray bar will spray water onto the slide making it easy to glide through the slide. Before you get started on the spray bar, you will need to make the feet for the side stand. For this you will need 2 PVC pipes. Cut the pipes into half to act as the feet of the side stands. You can use a hand saw or a miter saw to help you cut the pipes.

The spray bar will be made of 3 components, a spray bar that will be at a center and two T stands at the side. All these components will not be glued together, this is done so that you can take them off and store it without it consuming too much space.

The side Ts are made of a couple of pieces. You first need to pick up the straight piece, you need to add a little piece that adds some threads and then screw the snap tee on. On the other side of the straight piece you will have to add a tee piece and then attach the pipes that were cut in half, attach the half pieces on either side of the tee. Repeat the same process to make the

Step 2

Once the side stands are completed you will need to attach the spray bar to them. for the spray bar everything has to be glued together, this is to avoid any leakage that can take place. For this you will need another PVC pipe and glue a cap to one end, the cap can be glued with the help of some all in one PVC cement. When attaching the cap onto the pipe you will need to twist the cap a bit, this is to ensure that the cement can spread evenly and that it seals securely. You will have to rest the same on the other side, however, you will need to to push the cap in a bit so that you have space to attach another piece.

Once you have glued the pieces together you can attach the bar to the snap tees of the side stands.

Step 3

Next you will need to cut a piece off of a CPVC pipe, this pipe is similar to a regular PVC however, the diameters are smaller and in most cases is perfect to connect to a garden hose pipe. You will need to connect a valve on the CPVC pipe and then attach a 90 degree angle pipe that connects the valve to the spray bar. You then need to attach a connector to the CPVC, the connector is used to attach to the garden hose.

you now have to drill holes into the spray bar. You can customize the holes to angles that is convenient for you. The holes drilled for this DIY is at the bottom and on the side, the bottom will let the water spray down and the side will let the water a couple of distance away. You can always come back and drill more holes until you're satisfied.

To make sure that the slide is slippery you might need to add a bit of soap. To make one. You will need another piece of pipe and fill it up with soap and drill a small hole at the bottom so that it can drip a little throughout the day.

Step 4

you need to get your hands on as many pool noodles as you feel will be required for your slide.These pool noodles will act as bumper that will go on either side of the slide, this will prevent water from spilling out and ensure your safety.

You will then have to take a bunch of pool noodles and make a single long noodle out of them. You can do this by attaching a string that passes each one of the noodles, you can tie something heavy on the string to make the passing process easier. To ensure that the string does not slip out you can tie it to anything bigger than the noodle. You can use some landscape stands and place them on every other pool string to keep them in place. You then need to lay some plastic between. And you are good to go. Make sure to carry some floaties for a better experience.

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