Easy way to make a bench from wood pallets

If you have wood pallets laying around and have no idea what to do with them then this article is for you. You can make a bench out of them, in just 4 simple steps you will have a bench ready. The sheer simplicity of this project will want you to build more benches. The wood pallet gives the bench a rustic look and is perfect to keep outside your house or in your backyard, it can also be kept at a sitting area at your store. 

Through this article you are not only making use of old pallets but also promoting sustainability by reusing the wood. 


Wood pallets 

Wood glue

3 inch screws

Step 1

This project mainly focuses on using reclaimed wood pallets. You will first need to take apart the wood pallets from its previous state, and remove all the nails on the wood. You will then have to cut all of them in half. 

You will then have to place all of the pieces, it is recommended to begin by placing them based on their size, from the tallest to the shortest, this will also help you organise and rearrange the pallets to have a more visual appeal. You can rearrange the pieces and create patterns that you like. This is how the top of the bench will look. 

Step 2

You will now have to decide on the length and width you want the bench to be. Based on the size of the bench you will have to decide upon the size of the legs. Once you have finalized on the size of the nails you can start cutting them. If you are using reclaimed wood for this you will need to be careful of any nails in the wood, most of the nails for these woods are pretty hidden, make sure you remove any nail visible and wear protective gear. 

You can now start gluing the wood pallets together. Make sure while gluing them they are in the pattern you intended them to be. Use a lot of glue while doing this and also make sure to evenly spread the glue out, this is to ensure that the pallets are attached properly to one another. The more glue you use the stronger it will be, and stay together for a longer time. 

You can then start clamping them all together, use as many clamps as you can and make sure that the pieces are clamps tightly. 

Step 3

You then need to leave it to dry off, this might take several hours. Once it is dried up you can start removing all the clamps, you will be left with a solid piece of surface. 

Satisfied with the surface you can start working on the legs. Take out the leg pieces that were cut earlier, and trace the top of the leg piece onto the wood, this is where a slot will be made for the legs to fit into. You can also mark the area that will be attached to the surface and drill four holes into each of the legs. 

With the help of a jigsaw you can start cutting the traced out part on the surface, be careful while doing this as the wood can split off if a lot of pressure is exerted while cutting. You can use dome 3 inch deck screws to attach the legs to the surface. 

Step 4

You will then need a wider pallet wood to act as a band that will go on the sides of the bench. Nails the band to the sides of the bench, this will have the top look a lot more thicker.  You will then need to sand the surface, since pallet wood is pretty rough you will need to sand off any area that could be touched while sitting. 

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