How to grow onions at home

Onions are a crop that can be grown during, fall or spring season. They are fairly easy to grow due to their hardiness. They can be grown from a seed, sets or seedling. Onions grow well in raised beds. Through this article you will understand how onions can be grown inside your house.


Small or medium onions

Plastic bottle


Step 1

You will first need a tray, on this tray you will then place the onions, the size of the onions can range from small to medium, avoid using big onions. 

When all the onions are collected onto the tray you will then have to start cutting the top of the onions, the cut should be deep enough to touch the bulb. Doing this will help the onions grow faster. Make sure to separate the freshly cut onions from the other ones that have not been cut.

Step 2

Once all the onion tops have been cut, you will need to place them into a vessel. Then pour water into the vessel and let the onions soak into it. You will have to leave the onions  to take in the sunlight for a day. Make sure that all the onions are soaking evenly into the water. 

Step 3

While the onions are left to take in the sunlight, you can begin preparing the substrate for them. 

To prepare the substrate you can use solid from your garden, place the soil into a container. You then need to place sawdust into another container, pour some water into the sawdust container, you will need to soak the sawdust carefully. 

While you're doing this, you will have to check up on the onion and take note if the roots are beginning to grow on them. 

Step 4

Once the roots start to grow, you then have to place them onto the solid, you can place them as closely as possible so that more onions can fit into the vessel. Do the same to the sawdust vessel. You can then pour some water onto the onions when they are placed on the soil.

Step 5

One more way to grow the onions is to take a big plastic bottle and drill holes into them, the holes should be as big as the onions being used. Once you have drilled all around the bottle, you will have to cut the top of the bottle. You then have to insert some soil into the onion, and when you reach a hole, place the onion onto it, so this until you reach the top of the bottle. At the top you will have to place more onions just like you did with the vessel before. 

Place all of the containers near a light source at your home, and pour in some water some time later. You can keep it in artificial light too. 

You will soon notice that the sprouts are starting to grow and the roots are growing bigger. 

After about two weeks you will get your final result. This may differ for you as some onions will grow faster than the others. You will also need to beware of any flies during the onion growing process. 

The onion in the bottle is expected to have the best results, the bottle sprouts also consume less space. However, the ones grown in artificial light will grow longer, as they are exposed to light for a longer period. 

Through this you will get a supply of green onions that will last you for the whole spring. 

Once you have cut them, you will notice that they have grown sprouts again.

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