How to install hardwood flooring (Nail down)


- The Flooring boards

- Underlayment

- Flooring nailer & Mallet

Let's get started:

Anybody can learn and DIY how to nail down hardwood flooring and it looks PRETTY AWESOME!

In the previous episode of my home remodel series, we set out some floating hardwood floors in our room transformation. It's an incredible product yet all in all too costly to convey all through the whole house. For the remainder of the home, we chose to make nail down the hardwood floor so we could spend the cash on a harder, more pleasant looking wood.

Nailing down flooring is something that ANYONE can do and it not just makes the rooms look more pleasant and enhances the home generally!

Before you start with anything you need to prep the surface you're going to be working on and make sure it's perfectly flat and clean. The initial step is to tidy up the subfloor, get rid of all the garbage and most importantly all the staples and nails. After all the unnecessary stuff is removed you need to give the surface a good sweep and vacuum the floor for a smooth finish.

Then, at that point, add a layer of underlayment to the entire surface which will act as an obstruction for dampness/moisture.

When laying the genuine floor, the initial few of the lines should be laid down manually. This can be done by laying the initial pieces at the measured placement, drilling some holes through the face of the board and driving in some finishing nails to hold them down to the subfloor, using a nail set to drive those nails heads down below the surface and later fill-in those holes with wood filler.

After you get far enough from the walls of the room, you can utilize a pneumatic nailer to make the cycle go MUCH quicker! In cases where your floor will eventually intersect with other rooms and their surface, you can put a cross piece underneath the doors to use as a transition between the rooms.

Once everything is nailed down, the final touch is to add a quarter around which is not much difficult to install, just hold them down in place and shoot brad nails through the cord around into the baseboard, this gives a really nice finished look.

This whole room took me about a day and a half to finish.

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