How to make a bookshelf with a secret door 

A bookshelf with a secret door is no secret, the relevance of theme is mostly seen in detective movies and TV shows, the nature of these bookshelves were always deemed to be fascinating therefore wanting one is no surprise. These secret bookshelves can be used for different reasons, they could be used for security purposes, a place to store your valuables or just a fun roon you can escape to. Through this article you can understand how to build your own bookshelf with a secret door. 





Hidden Hinges

Gate Latch Pull Cable

Automatic Gate Latch



Step 1

To begin making the bookshelf you first have to make the frame for the bookshelf. The frame for the bookshelf should be much later than the actual bookshelf. For this you will need to cut some wood, the length and width will depend on the size of the secret entrance. After cutting the wood, apply some wood glue, drill some pocket holes and attach them, using pocket holes is a smart option as they can be drilled flush into the wood without being noticeable. You then have to cut some more wood and attach it to the frame, this is where the shaves for the book will be placed. 

Step 2

You will then have to build the other parts of the self, the other parts for the bookshelf will be made of MDF. The structure of the cabinet that will be placed behind it, the structure should be of the same size as the interior of the frame. Once you have cut the MDF, you can start attaching all the pieces with some brad nails  before screwing them together. 

You will then need to drill some pocket holes to attach the frame to the structure. The shelves are also made of MDF, you can attach them to the frame with the help of some pocket screws. You can then apply wood filler to any gaps and the sand off  the surface. 

For the back of the shelves you will need some plywood. All you have to do is attach them using some brad nails, this is done so that you could remove them easily in times of any emergency. 

Step 3

Next, you will have to attach the hidden hinges. The hinges come with instructions on how deep the hole drill for it should be and for how far apart the screws should be drilled. Make sure not to drill the holes too deep, you want the hinges to sit flush with the surface. Then attach the hinge and screw it in. 

You then have to attach wheels at the bottom of the cabinet. Before attaching the wheels, you will need to attach a plywood on the ares and then attach the wheels to the plywood. 

Now, all you have to do is paint the bookshelf. 

Step 4

To make the book that will open the door, you will need to pick any hardcover book available, it would be beneficial if the book is tick. You then have to detach the pages from the cover. Cut some wood of about the same length and width of the book and attach it to the hardcover. You can paint the top of the wood to replicate it to look like some pages. 

Step 5


Set the bookcase in place and lark the centre of where the other side of the hinges will fit. Then drill holes and screw the hinge to the entrance.

You will now have to use a latch so that the door can be securely closed. For this to attach a latch at the inside of the entrance and then attach the other part of the latch to the door, you might have to attach a strip of wood to act as a sturdy base for the latch. 

You can then screw in a handle, this is to make closing the door after you easier. 

Step 6

You then have to attach a wire to the lack and the fake book so that you can open the latch by just moving the book. For this you will need a gate latch pull cable. You will then attach an outlet on the wood side of the book and then tie the cable onto it. You then have to attach a hinge at the bottom of the book and bookshelf. 

You will then have to trace the area where the latch will be moved and cut out a small opening for the cable to pass through. Once the cable passes the opening, you will need to attach  it to the latch. Make sure that the latch unlocks when the book is pulled. And your booklet with secret door is ready. 

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