How to make a coin battery

Do you want to make a cool coin battery but don’t know how to? We have the perfect DIY for you! If you make a coin battery using the procedure given below you can generate about 4 volts which could power anything from a small LED light to a television remote.


Products required for this DIY:

1. 10 copper coins

2. Cardboard

3. Foil

4. Wires

5. Crocodile clips

6. Sharp scissors

7. Vinegar

8. Salt


Gather all these products to get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

Let’s start with cleaning our coins. Take a bowl and pour some vinegar and salt into it. Put the coins in the bowl and stir them around for a while. When you remove the coins from the mixture, dry them and they will look as good as new!

Step 2:

Next, take a piece of cardboard or any thick card paper and draw ten circles about the size of the coins that you will be using and cut them out. Put the cardboard circles into a bowl and soak them in some vinegar.

Step 3:

We need to take some foil and fold it about 5 times. Draw a circle about the size of the coin that you will be using and cut it out. You should now have 10 foil circles with you.

Step 4:

After all this rigorous preparation it is finally time to assemble our battery. Start by placing down a coin. Then, put one of the vinegar-soaked cardboard circles on the coin and add one of the foil circles on that.

Step 5:

Next, add another coin on top of the foil and keep repeating the process till all the coins are over. Make sure that none of the foil circles are folding down the side and touching the other layers. Your coin structure should look like the one in the image.

Step 6:

Once you are done, connect a wire to the coin structure using some tape. Stick one part of the split wire to the base of the coin structure and one on the top.

Step 7:

Add some insulated crocodile clips to the other end to make it easy to connect to things.

Your coin battery is now ready to power things up!

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