How to make a giant catapult from scratch

Are you in the mood to make a completely crazy DIY? Today we will be showing you how to make a giant catapult at home from scratch in six simple steps! This could be dangerous if not used carefully so make sure that if children are using it they are being supervised by adults. If you’re interested, read more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      2 x 4 wood pieces

2.      Threaded rod

3.      Zip ties

4.      Tie straps

5.      Screws

6.      Dustpan

7.      Aluminium channel

8.      Eyeball screws

9.      Barrel latches

10.   Surgical tubing

11.   Drill


Let’s get started with our DIY project!


Step 1:

First, you need to take some 2 x 4 and cut it down so that you have two base pieces, two uprights, and two diagonals. Now let’s start assembling it by taking one side at a time. Take one of the base pieces and one of the uprights and connect them together using some screws and a tie strap that is shaped like a T. Make sure that the upright is at the center of the base piece and put the tie strap on both sides. Then screw in the diagonals using some screws and two straight tie straps in a way that all the three-piece together form a right-angled triangle. Now repeat the same thing for the other side.

Step 2:

To connect both pieces you need to use a piece of threaded rod. Drill a hole in the bottom of both structures. Take an aluminum channel that will form the arm of the catapult and drill holes on either side of that too. Finally, put the threaded rod through all the holes and use some bolts to make sure that the arm stays in place. Also, put two small pieces of 2 x 4s on either side to prevent the rod from slipping out of the holes.

Step 3:

You will also need some small pieces of 2 x 4 s that are as long as the threaded rod to add support to the rest of the structure. Screw in these pieces of 2 x 4 using some screws and a drill to connect the base of both the structures by screwing in one in the front, one in the middle, and one in the back of the two structures.

Step 4:

Attach two barrel latches using some screws and a drill to the rear end of the base. Then connect a short aluminum stick that is bent to make a 90-degree angle to the arm at the point where the arm meets the barrel latches when it’s pulled back. Also, attach a large dustpan to the end of the arm by drilling some holes into the aluminum arm and putting some zip ties through them to fasten the dustpan.

Step 5:

To launch the catapult, we will have to pull the loops of both the barrel latches at once. But since this needs to be done from a safe distance, take a short rope and thread through both the loops, and fasten it. Then connect a longer rope to it so that you’re at a safe distance from the catapult while launching it.

Step 6:

Take three eyeball screws and insert them into the catapult structure as follows: one eyeball screw each on either side and the third one in the arm. Insert these just below the right-angle aluminum rod screwed into the arm and make sure that it lines up with the ones on the wood structure. Then take some surgical tubing and put it through all three holes and secure both the ends with some zip ties.

Your giant catapult is now ready! Simply pull the string attached to the barrel latches to launch random things in the air with your friends and family. You could even decorate this catapult with paint or any other medium to make it more personalized. Stay safe and enjoy your latest creation!

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