How to make a knife block with a book holder

Do you have too many knives and find no safe space to keep them? Then this article is for you. Keeping a knife can also be quite dangerous and you might accidentally end up hurting yourself , through this article you will be able to build your own knife block that can help you not only store your knives but also organize them, subsequently also keeping them in a protected space to prevent any injuries. 

 The additional bonus about this block is that you also are provided with a shelf to hold your book. This gives you a space to keep your cookbook while trying out new recipes.  


Brass wood

Wood glue 


Step 1

To make the block for the knives, you will need a large chunk of brass wood, the size could be adjusted to how many knives you want to store in the block. 

You will need to pass through one side through the joiner to make the surface flat. You will then have to pass the wide side of the wood through a planner and smooth it out. 

You will then need to cut the first piece to a length you want the block to be and then use the first piece as reference for the 2nd piece. 

Step 2

Place both the pieces next to each other, when you are satisfied with the way they sit together you will then have to place measuring tape on them and draw six marks, at identical distance, you will then have to pass the pieces through a bandsaw, cutting them across the marks drawn, each of the segment for this project was 2 inches with the sides being of around 1 inch. 

Step 3

You will then need to place all the pieces back in it's correct order. Once the pieces are lined up in order, you will have to draw a marking on each one, this is where you will route a slot for the knife.

Lay the pieces down with the markings facing up and then place all your knives on the pieces. Place the knife at the centre of the pieces, make sure that the handle of the knives should be completely on the outside, you then have to trace the blades of the knives. You don't have to carve it out exactly as the size of the blade, it could be in any shape provided the knife fits into it. Then, with the help of a router you can carve out slots for the knife, after carving every slot make sure that the knife fits in. 

You then have to place all the pieces back in place. 

Step 4

you now have to glue all the pieces together, you can keep pilling all the pieces over each other as you glue them. You can then use claps to make sure that all the pieces are in place. 

Step 5

While the knife black is left out to dry up, you can start working on the book holder.  For the shelf you will need  a small piece of teak. You will need to measure and cut the wood to the same width as the knife block. 

Once the glue dries off you can take off the clamps and scrape off any excess dried up glue on the surface. With the help of a sander you can start sanding the surface to smooth it out. You can then cut out a bevel at the bottom of the block. 

You will then have to set the depth of your router and carve a slot for the teak wood to fit into. The slot should be carved at the front of the knife block. You can check if the shelf fits into the slot. Once you get the shelf to fit into the slot, you can then apply some glue into the slot and insert the shelf piece. Although the shelf is inserted at a 90 degree angle, with the help of the bevel created earlier will help the shelf  stick up from an angle. 

You can use a sanding block and stand the corners of the block and take a tack cloth to get rid of any sawdust. For the finish you can use some Tung oil. You have now created your very own knife block and a shelf so hold your cookbook. 

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