How to make a matchbox microphone

Want to do an easy and fun experiment with your children? This DIY will absolutely amaze them! Using just a few products you can make your very own microphone from scratch. read ahead to find out how it’s done!


Products required for this DIY project:

1. Matchbox

2. Sharp cutter

3. Pencils

4. Crocodile clips

5. 9-volt battery

6. Earphones


Let’s get started!


Step 1:

Take an empty matchbox and remove the outer sliding cover so that you’re left only with the base box.

Step 2:

Using a sharp pencil, make two holes on one side of the base which are about a centimeter apart. Turn it around and do the same thing on the other side.

Step 3:

Bring out a pencil and using a sharp cutter split the pencil into two and remove the led that’s inside it. It is advised that you do this on a cutting board and be careful so that you don’t cut your hand.

Step 4:

Take the piece of led and scratch one side of it using an open pair of scissors to get a flat side. Then split the led in to halves.

Step 5:

Poke the led through the holes in the base of the matchbox, keeping the flat side of the led facing upwards. Make sure that you have left one centimeter of the led outside on either side.

Step 6:

Then take another piece of led which has also got a flat side and cut it so that it fits in the width of the box and place on the other two led pieces as shown in the image.

Step 7:

Our microphone is now ready! Now all we have to do is wire it up. For this, you need to take a battery and connect a lead to it using a crocodile clip. Connect the other end to one of the leads on the microphone.

Step 8:

Take another crocodile clip and connect one end to the battery and the other end to base of a headphone jack.

Step 9:

Take a third crocodile clip and connect one end to the second lead of the matchbox and the other end to the tip of the headphone jack.

Your microphone is now ready! Gently tap the matchbox microphone and you’ll be able to hear it through the connected headphones.

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