How to make a mini air hockey table

Air hockey is a perfect game to play to keep you engaged for hours. It can liven up any gathering and create a fun atmosphere. Through this article you will be able to make an air hockey table and enjoy a fun time with your family and friends. 


8 inch plywood


90 degree elbow 

PVC pipe

Spray primer 

Blue spray paint 

Acrylic sheet 

Step 1

To make an air hockey table you will first need to cut down two 8 inch plywood, one side of the plywood would have melamine, then you will have to cut down some 1by 6 to the full length of the table, you will then news to mark a goal on each end so that you can find it later. 

You will need to cut two more pieces of 1 by 6, this is to box in the areas you will be playing on. 

Step 2

You will then need to carve the wood panel at the edges, make sure not to go all the way through. You can test one one panel to see if the plywood fits in before you carve all the panels. 

On the end panels you will have to measure measure a 12 inch area and then draw a line, you will then need to cut out this section 

Step 3

Next you will need to drill holes into the game board, the 8 inch plywood. With the help of a CNC machine you can drill holes into the gameboard, if you do not have a CNC machine then you can just draw a grid and manually drill the holes this might be time consuming but is as good of an option as the CNC machine. 

Step 4

Next, you have to make the paddles for the game. For this you will have to draw a circle on a 3 quarter inch wood then mark the centre of the circle. You can then cut the circles and sand of the rough edges. You'll then need to carve out some wood for the handle. For the handle you can use a PVC cap, insert the cap into the carved out space made for it, you can use some glue to hold it in place. You will need to repeat this process again. You can then spray paint a coat of primer onto them. 

Step 5

You will then need to cut some blocks of wood and sand out the edges. You then have to flip your game board and lay the small blocks all over the board. Make sure that you don't cover any of the holes drilled, make sure not to place a block at the centre of the board where the plumbing will be fixed. Set the other panel of plywood over it, then place the plumbing piece over it, trace out the circle on the plywood, you will then have to cut the circle with a forstner bit. Apply some glue over the blocks and place the plywood over it, you might need to apply some pressure so that it attaches properly. 

Step 6

Once the glue has dried up you can flip the board. Now go back to the paddles that were made, these are the stickers, you need to coat them with some blue spray paint.

You now have to assemble all the panels. Apply some glue into the carved out parts of the panel and then attach the game boards into them. Once you attach all the side panels you can nail them together. 

Step 7

To make the tops for the goals you will need two pieces of the 8 inch plywood, add some glue to the area that was previously cut and attach the plywood on top. You then need to measure the inside of the area where the goal is placed and cut some wood to be attached there. 

Step 8

Now you can move on to the plumbing. You need to put the 90 degree elbow on a PVC then place the elbow into the hole and drill another hole for the PVC pipe. You then need to attach a  coupling onto the PVC. You will then need to glue all the parts together and use some adhesive to the pipe so that no air is lost. 

You can then paint the table, make sure not to get anything on the game board. For the puck you will need to cut an acrylic sheet into a circle and you're done. You will now need to attach the air pipe and your air hockey table is ready. 

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