How to make a mini fog machine

This simple DIY will blow your mind! Are you planning to throw a big party? Use this mini fog machine and wow your guests. By using just 4 main products you can make an amazing mini fog machine that is perfect for any upcoming get-togethers or events! Read more to find out how it is made.


Products required for this DIY project:

1.      Small computer fan

2.      Tin coffee can

3.      PVC suction hose pipe

4.      Dry ice

5.      Gloves

6.      Sheers


Grab all these products and let’s get started!


Step 1:

To begin with place the small computer fan on the lid of the coffee can and trace it out using a marker. You can remove this small computer fan from an old pc or buy a new one at a low cost from the market.

Step 2:

Cut a square slightly smaller than the square that you just drew using a sharp tool. Make sure that you don’t cut a very big square otherwise your small fan could fall through.

Step 3:

Now we need to place the small fan into the square in the coffee lid that we just cut out and stick it into place using a glue gun.

Step 4:

Attach the fan to a 9-volt battery to give it the power that it needs using the wires. Our airflow system is now ready.

Step 5:

Next, we need to make a hole the size of the diameter of the PVC suction hose pipe on top of our tin coffee can and cut it out using shears. Using a drill you can smooth down the edges of the hole.

Step 6:

Fit one end of the hose into the hole that we just made in the tin coffee can. Also, make sure that the hose is about a foot long; cut the excess if necessary.

Step 7:

Now it’s time to make the fog! Keep a cup of water to boil in the microwave till it’s extremely hot and then pour it into the tin coffee can carefully.

Step 8:

Next, take a chunk of dry ice and put it into the can immediately after pouring the hot water and put the lid on. Make sure to use gloves while dealing with dry ice to avoid causing damage to your skin.

Your mini fog machine is now ready! The machine is able to give out a considerable amount of fog and covers a lot of ground. You can also increase the quantities if you wish to make a bigger fog machine. Have fun with your latest invention!

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