How to make a night vision camera from an ordinary camcorder

Have you ever wanted to make your very own night vision camera from scratch? Make seamless night films using the night vision camera that we are about to show you how to make from an ordinary camcorder. Read ahead to find out how it is made!

Products needed:

1. A camcorder

2. A dozen 200 milliwatt triple infrared LED lights

3. Ultra low lux black and white micro camera

4. Project box

5. Small red LED

6. Switch

7. Photo jack

Step 1:

The very first step in making your own night vision camera is to remove the viewfinder of the camcorder. Do this step very carefully to avoid breaking any of the delicate wires.

Step 2:

Next, you need to build the LED array by connecting six LEDs in a row and another six LED parallel to that. Connect the array to a 10-ohm resistor.

Step 3:

Now we need to start assembling everything in the project box.

Let’s start with the view finder which needs its own battery to be powered. Analyze the viewfinder and identify the ground, power and video wires. Once this is done, we can start wiring our night vision camera!

Step 4:

Let us discuss all the parts that need to be connected:

  • The video line of the viewfinder has to be connected to the micro camera.
  • The video line from the micro camera has to be connected to the photo jack
  • The LED array, LED indicator light and the micro camera are powered by their own 9 volt battery.

You can follow this diagram for more clarity.

Step 5:

Once all the parts have been assembled and all the wires have been connected, seal the project box.

Here you can see a comparison of the view from an infrared security camera and the special night vision camera that we created!

Your night vision LED camera is now ready to shoot!

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