How to make a professional Steadicam at home

When you hold a camera with your hand it tends to move a lot. Keeping your camera still is a problem especially when you’re filming a project which involves you walking or constantly moving. A steady cam helps to stabilize your camera so that you can focus and make your projects with ease. Read more to find out how it is made.


Products needed for this DIY project:

1.      Metal pipe

2.      End tips

3.      Drill

4.      Flange

5.      Duct tape

6.      PVC pipe

7.      Camera


Let’s get started with this DIY project!


Step 1:

Insert the three pieces of three-quarter-inch metal pipe into all three holes of the T joint. Add two end tips to the ends of the two pipes on top that form a right angle. But before you put the end tip on the top end of the pipe, drill a hole into it and insert a screw through it. Then connect a flange to the end of the bottom pipe and screw this flange onto a wooden board to give it more stability.

Step 2:

Take a half-inch PVC pipe and cut it so that its length is about the size of your wrist. Then cut this shortened PVC pipe in half and cut those two halves into more halves. Sand these pieces of PVC down to eliminate any rough edges and give the pipes a smooth finish.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to attach the cut PVC pipes to our metal pipe structure. For this, lay down three pieces of duct tape and make sure they overlap just a little. Place three halves of the cut PVC pipe on this in a way that they would connect if they were put together in a circle. Cut off the excess duct tape and only leave some tape on one side. Now take your metal pipe structure and wrap the PVC pipes around it and secure it with the excess duct tape. This acts as a sleeve and helps to move the structure more easily.

Step 4:

To finish this project off, spray paint the whole structure with some black spray paint to give it a more professional finish. Make sure to apply an even layer without leaving any spaces out. Once this is done, leave it aside to dry for some time.

Once the paint dries, attach the pipe on top of your structure and your Steadicam is ready! Now you have your very own Steadicam that is as good as the one used by professionals to film movies. Use it to shoot your future films and projects with ease! Enjoy your latest creation!

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